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Hugo de Jonge: a man with a lot of power

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Last Tuesday evening Hugo de Jonge indicated that people without a vaccine are "antisocial" and "take the rest of society hostage".

The Deputy Prime Minister is anything but happy with people who have not yet been vaccinated. The 43-year-old CDA member returns to his words from a few months ago. De Jonge is now of the opinion that everyone simply MUST be vaccinated in order to have a 'normal' society again.

“What I notice a little too much is that vaccination is becoming a free choice: you just have to know what you are doing. But each individual is of course not a society (..) And I am the Minister of Health. I am not the minister of look, but what you do.”

It is sad and it makes no sense what our Minister of Health is doing to help people with a vaccine. An indirect vaccination obligation, talking against your own words and excluding the unvaccinated from society.

Hugo de Jonge cannot understand why people don't get vaccinated. Perhaps because he lives in his own world.

The demonstrations and opposition to a QR society are increasing and becoming much more common. But our minister cares very little about it and continues to stamp his own opinion and vision.

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