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Hugo the Younger commits a crime of office. In jail?

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The corruption exposed

Last week, Gideon van Meijeren succeeded in explaining in a half-hour long speech in crystal clear terms what exactly is wrong in this country and how corrupt our political system is and how corrupt our politicians also act.

Hugo the Younger's annoyance could be read on his face.

He made himself known in such a way that he literally turned his back on Gideon, who revealed some hard truths about this criminal minister who is primarily responsible for a lot of misery, blood and disruption in our society. Even Hugo couldn't bear too many truths.

The psychopath hugo with a devilish look on his face. The man is a danger to society. If only the AIVD focused on that.

And even if you realize after this input how much blood this man has on his hands, you still realize, like us, only half of what this inhuman has done. Even his "supporters" will find out.

There is so much misery associated with the actions and actions of people like Hugo de Jonge, it is almost unimaginable.

When properly reasoned, this man, and many of his colleagues, deserve the worst possible punishment within the bounds of the law. This man has to answer.

Here is an abbreviated version of Gideon van Meijeren of the Forum for Democracy, which lasts more than half an hour.

We place a number of quotes below the video:

Watch the full speech here:

hugo the young

This schoolmaster was put there because of his ruthless character and not because of his talents and knowledge. His immense ego and craving for attention, to name just a few of his psychopathic traits, make him perfect for this position for the globalists who gave him his assignments.

Gideon van Meijeren says that he also does not think that Hugo the Younger is just an incompetent minister. That he wants the best for the population, but as a schoolmaster he does not have the qualities to perform his task. No, he sees the young man as someone who deliberately does this and is guilty of a crime of office.

Van Meijeren on the integrity of the young: “I no longer believe in that. It is now perfectly clear that this situation is being abused to achieve total government control.”

Adding to that: “There is no health crisis. There is a freedom crisis!”

Gideon also explains that it is a pertinent lie that the so-called "scientists" support this whipped mess that is destroying our country, the "corona" and "vaccine" story.

No, it is the media and political scientists who claim this. They are by definition not independent because they are part of the government agency RIVM.

The real scientists, by far most of them, know exactly what's going on here. But they are censored. shameless.

Who would you rather be informed by? By hugo de Jonge (school teacher, end of CV) and Jaap van Dissel or by the inventor of the mRNA vaccine and renowned scientists in this field including Nobel Prize winners?

Criminal offense

Gideon also explains that the bill being discussed here, to make Corona an A disease, was submitted on time on February 24, 2020.

On March 18, 2020, MPs were allowed to ask written questions.

“But then something remarkable happened!”said Gideon. “The minister refused to answer these questions within the legal term, one month.”

“In doing so, the minister did not comply with his LEGAL OBLIGATION to ensure a prompt handling of that bill.”

Van Meijers continued: So the minister (the young one) acted unlawfully. Only after the FvD continued to insist did the minister come up with the answers on May 27.

So one year and two months late.

“And all the while, the Netherlands was weighed down by the greatest restrictions on freedom that we have known since the Second World War.”

We were humiliated by masks that serve to "influence our behavior". Curfews. Distance rules., Cough screens. Lockdowns. The government determined how many people you have in your house.

barbarians. The elderly were locked up and languished. No, these people deserve punishment. A lot of punishment.

Vam Meijeren: “It seems that the minister (the young one) was not at all waiting for a substantive treatment of this bill. That he didn't want to debate how dangerous "corona" really is. Knowing that this is not a disease is as dangerous as Ebola.”

But in this way, the youngster has made it impossible for parliament to speak out about this for more than a year.

“By knowingly failing to comply with a legal obligation, the minister has even committed an official crime, as included in Article 355, section 4 and Article 356 of the Criminal Code.”

“Strictly speaking, the minister could therefore be followed for this and also be sentenced to prison. And I think that would also be justified when you see how much damage has been done here.”, said Gideon.

The minister is fortunate that the order to prosecute must be given by the majority of the House of Representatives.

“And let the House of Representatives in no way be taken seriously as a controller of the government or as a “careful legislator.”

"It doesn't even matter to the chamber that there is an illegal act."

Gideon continues:

"I have made proposals to hold a hearing about this with expert lawyers who would confirm that this is an illegal act."

But everything was blocked. A banana republic. The Netherlands is no longer a democracy. It's a banana republic full of corrupt incompetent conceits.

“I have requested the Council of State to provide information about this. But no support from the House for that either.”

"Bizarre! If there are such strong indications here that the legislative process is not being followed lawfully here, and that the legal basis under all these measures is not sound, then it is the duty of Parliament, as co-legislator, to look at this seriously.”, according to Meijers.

About the fact that no one is present at this debate while this is the most important debate for the Dutch population at the moment, Gideon said:

"Where is everyone? Isn't it bizarre that those parties just completely fail?"

“Maybe they're all celebrating the abolition of slavery, but in the meantime, a bill is being discussed that would enact a new form of slavery.”

Wir haben es cousin wished

“Mr President, it is shameless. It's job neglect. It is a big middle finger to all Dutch people.”

The population should be involved in these kinds of matters, but they shun debate. They don't dare to say what policy they are pursuing. Which agenda are to follow. Logical, because nobody in the Netherlands wants this policy. Will The Great Reset.

“I have no words for it, chairman. What a parliament! People don't even pretend anymore!"

Gideon van Meijeren is going to request a roll-call vote so that we at least know the names and headlines who do not want to do anything about this criminal mismanagement.

“It is important who is on which side of history. No one can say: I don't know what to do.

“The Netherlands has a right to know who chooses a 'health dictatorship'. Whoever chooses medical apartheid and a society ruled by fear!”

Gideon once again halts the moment when outgoing Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge joined WNL on Sunday.

“And he just literally said it: If he finds it necessary not to keep the law that he doesn't keep the law. That he considers unlawful acts to be permitted.”

The youngster does not have the guts to look Gideon van Meijeren in the eye for even a minute because this traitor knows he is wrong. He even turns his back on him several times, with an in and in false and arrogant face.

"I see that he is turning his back on me, but these are statements that directly undermine our rule of law."

hugo de Jonge will go down in history as a criminal. A people traitor. A murderer. A person who has committed crimes against humanity.

And we can't wait for that to finally happen. Because hugo: you have ruined our lives and betrayed your country. You are of the lowest kind and you cannot get away with this.

We have to get rid of you, of you! You are destroying millions of human lives. You treat the population as Interhumans. But the Intermenschen are you. And that will become clear. Unfortunately due to a hard lesson for many of our compatriots, but it comes to the fore. And uncle Klaus is not going to protect you from the Dutch people that come for you.

As if Klaus cared, by the way. He has as much empathy as these people. 0

Newcomers in room

And the rest of the room? BBB, Yes 21? scammers. Also that of the Plas, for which we have made “advertising” for that matter.

It has turned out to be a woman who likes the political game instead of throwing it up. She could have immediately seen what kind of cesspool she had ended up in (she came in in the middle of the allowance affair) but is of the same cloth and just wants to participate in this political rotten system.

Let alone the figures such as Joost Eerdmans, the completely relegated Annabelle Nanninga, Hans Smolders who thinks he can get away with everything because he was Pim Fortuyn's driver who went after Volkert after the murder.

Pim would turn in his grave.

And there are many more. Hypocrites. Traitors to the land. This becomes clear at a crucial moment when the Netherlands is in danger of losing all the freedoms it had. Shame on you!

Let's hope, because I know that not everyone is positive about this party and I've already fallen for it twice, that people from the FvD really mean it. And we still expect more action from them. If this is the battle of our loan then everything must be done.

Full input from Gideon:

Explanation of criminal offenses committed:

Can only politicians charge these men for a misdemeanor or can the people do the same?

Article 355 Article 4

The heads of ministerial departments shall be punished by a term of imprisonment not exceeding three years or a fine of the fourth category.
who co-sign royal decrees or royal dispensations, knowing that doing so violates the Constitution or other laws or orders of internal government of the state;
who give effect to royal decrees or royal orders, knowing that they are not provided with the required countersignature of one of the heads of the ministerial departments;
who make decisions or give orders or enforce existing orders or orders, knowing that doing so will violate the Constitution or other laws or orders of internal government of the state.

Article 356

The heads of ministerial departments whose gross negligence can be blamed for the failure to carry out the execution described in Article 355, under 4°, shall be punished by detention not exceeding six months or a fine of the third category.

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