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hugo de jong: "I wouldn't have missed the corona crisis for the world!"


To indicate how disturbed these psychopaths are and how all contact with reality has been lost, we place a short video here.

The video contains an excerpt from the WEF (which they themselves removed after a number of negative reactions to this) about the amazing benefits of all those lockdowns and the humiliating measures that have destroyed millions of people's lives and Hugo the young who: “Wonderful thing to do.”, referring to the implementation of this suicide policy of the government.

To indicate how big that plate for hugo's head is, see his tweet in which he admits that the remedy is worse than the ailment.

After all the suffering that has been done to us in the back of our minds, you would prefer these people ...

These people have a plate in front of their head but are also completely numb.

Oh, the Netherlands. Please be awake!

The fragment:


Who is Klaus Schwab from the WEF?

Who is Klaus Schwab


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