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Hugo dreams of a 'completely fucked up Christmas'

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Hugo de Jonge is a vain person and someone who likes to hear himself speak. Or sing… The TV viewer was completely amazed on Friday evening when Hugocaust suddenly appeared in the talk show Beau. White Christmas began to sing.

This was not the voice of Lucky TV maker Sander van der Pavert, but Hugo de Jonge himself.

Jaïr meanwhile: "It is a crooner, it is a crooner."

Hugo was not distracted: 'Where the treetops glisten, and children listen…'

Jaïr: "It's really unbelievable!"

Hugo: 'To hear sleigh bells in the snow.'

Another fragment is circulating on Twitter in which Hugo de Jonge is behaving very strangely in front of the camera. '

HUGO TRIPPING… Just do a drug test on him, 'it says.

A Twitterer writes:

'Nobody in The Hague or in the media world says it out loud, but you often hear this speculation. But maybe it's just fatigue. Or has he already been vaccinated. You do not know.'

One Dibbus responds to this:

'Wouter de Winther said to Beau on the night it became known that he had stepped down as party leader in response to the observation that Hugo did not look tired: he has his means for that. If not hint I don't remember. '

The same Wouter de Winther claimed at the end of November that Hugo's colleague Thierry Baudet in any case likes a pinch.

"Baudet is often under the influence," a minister is said to have confided to him. That claim was denied by Thierry's contention.

Psyiatrist Bram Bakker calls cocaine a disease in The Hague among politicians.
Over the past ten years, the psychiatrist has repeatedly referred to 'politicians of national fame' floor.

He continues:

'It is a very unhealthy cocoon in which these people operate, true limitlessness is the norm. '

'Coke reduces the chance that you will appear drunk. Cocaine is really like anti-hangover agent deployed.'said the psychiatrist.

Now it is Hugo who is associated with drug use.

De Jonge raised the Christmas song of Bing Crosby while State Secretary Paul Blokhuis was being interviewed by RTL about the dire shortages in Jeugzorg.

'This is so much more subversive than the wedding of Grapperhaus. This is a kick in the face of all entrepreneurs who can only howl at Christmas', it sounds on Twitter.

Blokhuis became angry and ended the interview, saying:

"This is not going to be like this guys, is it? !!"



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