The Truth About COVID19 - STOP the “five feet” law!

Any idea how frustrated and powerless you feel when you know exactly what's going to happen and you can't stop it because people just don't want to listen and don't want to look at facts?

And any idea what kind of world opens up to those who listen and wake up? Or just looking for it yourself?

Many of the readers will recognize this feeling.

Many Dutch people now know that feeling. The so-called “conspiracy thinkers”, as they are often put aside, turn out not to be as crazy as people thought.

The irrationality and absurdity of these measures are exposed by irrefutable facts. Facts that are within your reach.

But astonishingly few people are interested or motivated to look for some facts themselves.

That is shocking. Because it is precisely in this digital age that we have every opportunity to increase our knowledge. Everybody.

Virtually no one who reads this knows someone who died directly from Corona

That is also not possible because it only involves 6.000 deaths in a country with more than 17.000.000 people. And about 50.000 infected people. A quarter of a percent of the population.

Mark Rutte in his time of the year: “I don't have an easy message for you .. This coronavirus is here and will stay with us for the time being. A large part of the Netherlands will be infected. ”

None of that. A quarter of a percent indeed. It is easy to calculate for everyone. And around 0,035% of the Netherlands, an average of 80 years, has died from it. 90%, own figures, had an underlying condition. Usually more. It is even talked about only 1.2% direct corona deaths. That would be 65 in the Netherlands.

And now??

As of June 1, IT WILL be introduced that we must keep a distance of one and a half meters from each other.

How are we going to rhyme that?

We've been back together for a long time ?! In the planes. During that mass demonstration to turn us against each other for the murder of a black police criminal on a black criminal? And so it goes all over the world. But this flu-like virus is gone.

So put your heads together in the Netherlands with all kinds of scientists, doctors, experts throughout the country. However? No. Everything other than the direction of RIVM, Rutte and WHO is censored and dismissed as quacks. There is only one goal. The vaccine!

This is too absurd for words and this cannot and must not happen!

This cabinet will take OUR FREEDOM as of June 1 and put it in THE LAW.

Hugo de Jonge pushes it through. This man is dangerous.

Could Minister Bruno Bruins, who passed out and quit acutely as a politician, perhaps have had some conscientious objections? That man probably had a conscience. Maybe we'll hear it from his mouth someday.

The law: Keep a meter and a half away! dare Hugo de Jonge to push through it. Unscrupulous.

Hugo de Jonge, in his early 40's, vain and still a very long political career ahead of him in the job carousel of the EU can do the job. They are the ideal puppets. Mark Rutte ditto.

He follows exactly the same agenda as all other EU countries, some of which have also been made dependent, because their economies have broken down for a quarter of a percent of contamination in their country.

Keeping people scared, locking them up, taking away freedom in such a way that they hardly notice it. A psychological Blitzkrieg. If they had predicted this a few months ago, everyone would have laughed at you.

The new normal!

The normal of the mask and a meter and a half away. One generation further and we live in it. We don't know any better? Example? Look at China.

Do you have any children? Then know what future they are facing.

There will be a lot of talk around to trivialize it but don't fall for it. When the law states that you must keep a distance of one and a half meters, that is the law.

Hugo de Jonge wants to get rid of the nagging and the Netherlands is going to take her FREEDOMS FOREVER! And MOUTH CAP is also a serious option to oblige BY LAW.

“There are still things that can be adapted to the law, because there is still an opinion from the Council of State and a debate in the Lower and Upper Houses to come”.

Instead of finally abolishing these absurd corona measures, we are no longer allowed by law to come together with groups. No more going to the stadium. Anyway, fill in. This cannot happen.

For those who do not yet know which way we are going, there must now be a very big alarm bell ringing.

People who know that they have a dose of common sense but are not well informed and do not fully understand what awaits us. People who only get the news from the mainstream media, please listen.

You will be sorry if you do NOT WANT to be in a few months.

This is already happening. 89-year-old Kees walks outside and is put in isolation. This folks, GET THE LAW!


Think calmly for yourself about what this will have and what is going on. Why there are so many people pulling their hair out because they can't get it through to the people.

Look at the numbers. A quarter of a percent of the corona population has become infected. 0,035% of the population died from Corona. But also had at least one but usually more underlying diseases. Often severe like stage 4 cancer.

Now look at the consequences. See the liberties that are just taken away. The economy was destroyed and an entire country in fear of a disease that hardly anyone had to deal with. That makes sense with such low numbers. Those who have experienced it are of course terrible. Like any death.

See what's behind it.

Let it sink in ... See how people are already getting used to face masks. See how BOAs suddenly acquire powers that they have not been trained for at all and often cannot deal with at all.

We'll just name something. You walk on the street with your family and you get a criminal record and a heavy fine for running too close to someone, maybe even someone in your family. It's in the law!

Where you may drink a cup of coffee on your couch the next day. Totally pointless and it is the law. No more hugs to your grandma. All logic is missing but it is the law. And you can NOT do anything more about it.

Do not think: It is not too bad! Many people are already waking up and those who underestimate this will very quickly see and regret how they have been so “naive” and blindly trusting the government and the media


It is NOT fatal to 99,99% of the population. A quarter of a percent was infected. A QUARTER OF A PERCENT! And the number of deaths, 6.000, is 0,035%. These are the REAL official figures!

Calculate, and this must be repeated: an average of 80 years. 90% had at least one underlying condition, but usually several and were already dying. So 10% DIRECTLY died of Corona, according to their own numbers that they wanted to boost with all their might. That's 600 elderly people!

Every death is regrettable, but every day hundreds of people die in the Netherlands.

In the media, numbers such as 1.2% with an underlying condition have been discussed from the start. If that is true then the actual death toll is a number between 65 and 600. (source)

Take this with you too: It has been proven several times that people were incorrectly registered as corona deaths. Does COVID19 exist? They were very easily put on the Corona list, while the elderly often suffered from cancer or other incurable diseases. Their numbers. Official figures.

What are we doing?

The flu epidemic in 2018 that caused many more and, on average, much younger people to die. What if the media reports the flu deaths every day and shows you the ICs and the body bags of flu deaths? How would we live and be in fear at home?

Namely 11.500 deaths with a younger average age. 15 years younger. So 65 years. (source is from the government)

Double the number of deaths from a “natural” virus. The influenza. Why of course? Because we have accepted it as a virus that kills between 2.500 and 12.500 people every year. Which we could also reduce by going into quarantine every winter if they reason in the same way with Corona. The average age was 65 and so more young people died. But then the country will be destroyed. So we don't.

But now it is! And you can already feel it coming with this stretching and almost with laws. As soon as the flu season starts again, the whole spectacle starts again from the beginning.

They don't want to know about other solutions. The assignment is: A worldwide vaccine. Everything else is censored and dismissed as "conspiracy". And, as we have been doing for months, look up what is behind it and how many interests are involved.

People are frightened with numbers of hundreds or thousands a day but you are not told in what context context you should see it.

With ascending graphs. When you plot something that you are going to count from 0, you always have an upward trend. Even if you count how often you meet Gerrit. Something that starts to count always goes up. That is simple. A very vicious trick to put next to everything.

In the past month, the 10.000 meter measures have been violated so often (XNUMX fines) with the demonstration in Amsterdam as the pinnacle. If there was a virus ... We have mass demonstrations worldwide. It would have broken out long ago. Stop that bullshit!

See the relationships and realize what has happened and what will happen. And see the result. Fear, distance, chill, we are played against each other because of inflated racism because of a dubious case with vague circumstances in America to put us against each other. All numbers contradict the story of those BlackLiveMatters groups and see what's going on before your eyes.

They have already taken us so far that we know deep down that what is going on here goes against every logic, but we still let it happen because: It will not work out in our Netherlands, will it?

THINK! Come to reflect! Fear and polarization. It makes us blind!

They are going to try to make you believe about things that have not been proven and that could only happen. You will be fooled that the quarantine has saved millions of lives but it is based on nothing.

Countries without quarantine did much the same or even better. It is not based on anything that it has saved a lot of human lives.

What is based on something is that the measures taken have devastated an economy and changed the lives of every individual. Compared to a quarter of a percent who died of corona. Again: On average 80 years, other disease in the background. People who were dying. Put this side by side. You burst out laughing it wouldn't be that serious.

RISE! Your and our freedom. They are taken.


We do this for a reason. For the thrill or for the clicks ..

We are not on top of this misery every day for fun! We must fight and struggle through censorship to try to inform as many people as possible. Because we love this country!

Left right. Let it go. It's about our freedom.

What more can we say?

We can only hope that the collective consciousness will develop very quickly. This information age can be our salvation, people become better informed, as long as people wake up.

I personally ask you for a moment DIT to read and share.

YouTube is silencing us! Read here why ...


More articles:

Wouter Raatgever makes a DECLARATION against HUGO DE JONGE AND CONSORTEN

Nothing is correct anymore. EVERYTHING we see and what they do is IRRATIONAL and DANGEROUS.

Again: Freedoms are curtailed and punishable. Full football stadiums? Something of the past. To a concert? In your dreams. Your son playing outside with friends? A no-go by law.

This is about the freedom of all of us. It is common sense what is going on here.

See it in! Watch the big picture and wake up the anxious people !. Let your mind speak and not the media or the people around you.

Listen to Jensen if you don't like him: It's not about who says it, but what he says.

Find out who Sven Hullemans is. Listen to proper rational conversations.

Have a look around Weltscherz. Listen to what Willem Engel has to say. Niels Lunsing with his podcast.

Everywhere people with an understanding of things who, without interests, cast their expert eyes on what is going on.

Doctors, experts, they all come “out” because they feel morally obliged to warn you and us!



These are criminals! Very big criminals! And they will have to be removed. Your freedom people .. Realize it! And pass it on!


The truth behind Corona and Mark Rutte's De Nano chip


German doctors: We have taken an oath!

We doctors have taken an oath and must warn people: Corona is a scam!

 CORONA is a SCAM! Our motivation? OUR OATH WE HAVE TAKEN!

1 week later:

Now 1.000 doctors and experts and 120 scientists say: CORONA is a SCAM and a SCAM! 

Corona: “Crime committed by government against civilians 1.000 specialists, 120 scientists…”

Mark Rutte secures the Netherlands for 10 years at a cost of 325.000.0000 that goes directly to Gates, WHO and Unicef ​​with their GAVI vaccination alliance. Rutte talks about this: Saving millions of children. Read here the truth what Gates did:

Quote: With $ 1,2 billion, Gates promised Indian children to protect them from Polio. Through India's National Advisary Board (NAB), Gates arranged a mandate for 50 polio vaccinations over five years for every child in India up to their fifth year of life. According to Indian doctors, 2000 children were permanently paralyzed between 2017 and 467.000, according to Indian doctors. ”

And Mark Rutte praises this sick man.

Look at Spain. People fight fines en masse, they take to the streets and parties such as VOX take these criminals to justice.

WE CAN ALSO! People like this have to be dealt with. And we are going to do that.

What do they think? That the Netherlands let this happen for a moment? Based on what? Fight for your freedom!

Nothing is stronger than citizens who jointly enforce something. That is democracy! Hence those “anti racism” demonstrations that are getting out of hand. To pit us against each other.

Santiago Abascal of VOX takes Pedro Sánchez and his accomplices to court! These people are aware of it!

VOX takes Pedro Sánchez and his coalition to court. Now Rutte still!


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