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Hugo de Jonge: No vaccine, no freedom!

Hugo de Jonge: No vaccine, no freedom!

Minister Hugo de Jonge of Health, Welfare and Sport. © ANP


Hugo de Jonge, who doesn't know him? The schoolteacher of yesteryear. He has one today political fart left that spreads its stench to every corner of every Dutch living room. What Hugo is doing here I don't think has been shown before? If you do not take a vaccine, you will not participate, says Hugo. How come I am historical and fascist pictures come to mind? What did we end up in together? What is this unprecedented social shift? And in which direction?

Hugo makes no secret of it from the start, you read it all Facebookpagina and in the media. But also on state television Hugo likes to join us trump card to pull. What is this, why is Hugo so eager to vaccinate us? And with what? The SARS-CoV-2 virus has a mortality rate of less than 0.2%, this is comparable to the regular flu virus. So why the haste and the necessity? I let Prof. Dr. Pierre Capel speaking, he explains to us by which Hugo wants to inject and vaccinate us. If you pay close attention and let what Professor Capel is saying here, your hair will rise! This is not about a vaccine, but about genetic modification.

The develop of a (safe) vaccine takes an average of 10 to 15 years. Strangely, it was Bill Gates who took it on to April 9, 2020 (!) has said that the whole world should be vaccinated if the old were to be normal again, see from 19:23 minutes. What does this (main) sponsor of the WHO for interests that he says this to the viewers and what has that to do with Hugo de Jonge? And what was Bill Gates doing in the turret when he shook hands with Mark Rutte?

Bill Gates and Mark de Jonge, 2014

Mark Rutte and GAVI
Mark Rutte calls the Netherlands a proud sponsor of GAVI. What is GAVI and why is Rutte giving 325 million euros to a club dedicated to vaccinating humanity? Who else are sponsors of GAVI? And what interest does the Netherlands have in GAVI?

Questions, questions, questions ...
Why are there so many questions being asked and no answers? What kind of game is being played here and why is it that it seems as if the Dutch people are slowly being pushed into the ravine by political jokers who could have known that we are being deliberately and incorrectly informed and are taking part in it. The prove are piling up and Hugo de Jonge will remain where he is for the time being. What is this man doing?

Time to wake up!
For those who are still asleep now, it could be too late. In my immediate environment, I notice that there is little substantive knowledge in the field. As soon as you start talking about SARS-CoV-2, there are big question marks, and when you start talking about the RNA virus it stops completely… Strange, because the 'Corona virus' is an RNA virus that, just like HIV and Ebola, don't get flattened. Professor Capel has already explained what kind of 'vaccine' they want to use and Hugo de Jonge is going to exclude those who do not want to participate. The 'go to sleep peacefully' really no longer applies here. Come and stay in resistance, we are and we have been betrayed! Via the Emergency Act, via the administration by decree, via the declaration of a state of emergency, we are being pushed further and further into the swamp. Who the government still trusted now had one inadequate for history!

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