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Hugocaust: “Give women who are unsuitable as mothers forced anti-conception”

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Minister Hugo de Jonge and an expert group shout: 'Give women who are unsuitable as mothers a forced injection'

Women who are unable to properly care for a child due to their addiction, psychiatric illness or mental disability should BELOW FORCE a contraceptive injection or a contraceptive implant can get. So that no baby can to come.

That is stated in a petition from the 'Consultation group mandatory birth control'that Cees de Groot, former juvenile judge and former vice president of the Rotterdam District Court to the Lower House for consideration.

The controversial plea is supported by, among others Helen Dupuis, retired professor of medical ethics and former VVD senator.

Ms Dupuis also literally believes that people with dementia 'being less human' and that seniors should be cut down like dry wood in times of corona: step aside to do'. Euthanasia is also an option according to 'ethics' Dupuis.

The expert group wants regulate by law that the Child Care and Protection Board (Youth Services) and the public prosecutor can request a person for compulsory contraception to impose.

The coercive measure is in principle temporary, to become conditions improve.

(Kind of like the Emergency Act.)

Hugo De Jonge (Public Health) was already in 2016 as alderman for care in Rotterdam one warm advocate of the idea of ​​becoming vulnerable women withhold of having children they cannot take care of.

According to the proposal, the coercive measure will apply addiction, infection with hepatitis B and C or HIV, a psychiatric illness, an intellectual disability and proven child abuse or murder.

Considering this Criteria Hugo de Jonge must also allow himself sterilize: this coke-sniffing psychopath who is arguably kids muzzle and the elderly consciously dood is proven child molester totally unsuitable as a parent.

De Groot mentions another practical example:

the prostitute right away psychiatric disorder who wants a baby because her customers pay more for a pregnant woman.

According to the expert group, it concerns nationwide 'hundredsExamples of vulnerable women, though exact figures are not available in connection with privacy.

Violating the privacy of these women is going too far according to the working group, but an IUD in their body? There is nothing wrong with that !!

And who actually determines what one psychiatric disorder is?

Falls one ADHD-er or someone with long-term depression also below?

Where do these draw Satanists de grens?

The plan is fierce, because almost every person now has it fundamental right around himself free to reproduce. But fundamental rights are so 2019 !! We don't do anything about that anymore!

There were already exceptions to this fundamental right: for example, a brother and sister are not allowed to marry, because this can lead to a sex with children prohibited (on paper). Some people are also totally incompetent.

The contraceptive injection is an injection of hormones. The woman receives this injection from the doctor in her buttock, thigh or arm. She has to get another shot every three months.

De pil is, by the way, an invention of the Jewish chemist Carl Djerassi.

Ethics Heleen Dupuis saw in a previous life as chairman of the Association for the Disabled Care Netherlands (VGN) 'enormous problems' in women who were proven unable to raise a child, but still wanted to become pregnant;

'Such women also have vulnerable children and I love it ethisch if we try to prevent that. That is choosing the lesser of two evils. '

According to former juvenile judge and Freemason Cees de Groot, projects to start voluntary contraception counseling for vulnerable mothers have been successful. About 70 percent of the people reached worked with it.

But 30 procent therefore remains outside the supervision, he observes:

'Practically speaking, then Youth Care comes into the picture.'

A spokesperson for the Child Care and Protection Board says that the body as an implementing body no opinion about mandatory contraception.

They simply perform like bloodhounds what the juvenile court orders them.

Know that the Child Care and Protection Board will be called in if there are serious concerns about the growing up and upbringing situation of a child (also a unborn child, ed.). After investigation, the Board can make a request (advice) for a measure for child protection. The judge makes a statement about this.

Former juvenile judge Cees de Groot wants judges to be able to impose an injection on unfit mothers.

Recently released Hugocaust again expresses itself on the matter:

'I am and will remain an advocate of preventing vulnerable parenthood. In some cases it is advisable to have a pregnancy at all to prevent.'

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