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Human rights organizations want Twitter to suspend Trump NOW

Human rights organizations want Twitter to suspend Trump now

It's getting crazier, scarier and more absurd.

Human rights organizations seeking to take away Donald Trump's right to freedom of speech on Twitter.

These people are disturbed and perilous. Can't make anything else of it.

RTL News reports:

"Two human rights organizations are calling on Twitter to suspend President Donald Trump's account as the last votes in the US election are counted."

The organizations fear Trump is doing too much damage on Twitter while counting election votes. In previous tweets, the president stated that there was fraud during vote counting, although he presented no evidence for this.

"We fear that if Twitter doesn't take action, the president will be able to disrupt the integrity of the democratic process", reads the letter. The organizations believe Trump will incite the American people to violence as well.

According to RTL News.

Do these people even know what they are talking about and what is at stake here? Do they have any idea that the same Donald Trump is the only one who can prevent an entire country like America from being taken over by big tech and powerful rich figures?

The answer is probably: "Yes." And they are part of it.

It is precisely the thoroughly corrupt media and precisely the social media such as Twitter that cause a possible civil war through their mismanagement, censorship and malpractice.

What is it to be hoped that this whole case with this whole SWAMP will appear before The Supreme Court. This is going in the wrong direction and this thoroughly corrupt system should be destroyed. What courage to make such statements so unilaterally. The Democrats are committing fraud and Donald Trump is blamed.


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