Hundreds of Australians have to undergo HIV testing by AIDS blood on corona testing equipment

243 former residents of a QUARANTINE SERVICE in Victoria State may have become infected with blood-borne diseases, such as HIV.

The local authorities have admittedly that they THE SAME blood test equipment used for different patients in their corona tests.

The people in question must now be tested for HIV.

The health agency Safer Care Victoria said yesterday that it has contacted 243 patients who received a blood glucose test have undergone:

There is a risk that, because of the 'blunder' with the equipment, there is through the blood cross contamination has occurred from the HIV virus, among other things.

The conscious test devices that were used for the corona tests this summer are actually designed for use with 1 person.

'And yet they were used for several patients,' says Safer Care.

'The needles were changed in between, but there can be microscopic amounts blood get stuck to the devices themselves. '

The agency adds that the persons are that way impossible have become infected with it coronavirusas it is not passed on through the blood.

There is a risk for other viruses such as HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

'Right now we can ask the many questions about how this could have happened, do not reply. We will conduct a thorough evaluation about it how en why this device has been put into use, ”said Safer Care Victoria.


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