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Hundreds of white farmers storm courthouse during face-off in South Africa

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Brendin Horner was beaten to death, stabbed, strangled and hanged on October 1 in Paul Roux, South Africa.

The dead body of the 21-year-old farm manager was found the next day by his father near farm 'de Rots'.

The whites are fed up with the farm murders. They say 'enough is enough'and are now taking matters into their own hands, after petitions have also been offered to change the approach of farm murders priority to do nothing at all.

Such a a thousand farmers gathered at the courthouse in Senekal between 10.00:11.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX where the two farm murderers recently had to appear.

Blood from three several perpetrators were found in Brendin Horner's Hilux truck. Only two were arrested.

Sekwetje Isaiha Mahlamba (32) in Sekola Piet Matlaletsa (44) were 'just at home' on the day of the murder, according to their family. But this turned out to be a lie. One of the suspects would even be trumpeted everywhere scooped up about the 'murder of the white farmer'.

A big counter-demonstration organized by the communist political party EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) led by the original Zimbabwian Julius Malema raised many black Marxists to support the farm attackers in their lawsuit.

The perpetrators of the recent horrific farm murder, however, say they are innocent and therefore asked the judge to be released on bail.

This angered the South African farmers demonstrating outside.

Hundreds of peasants stormed the courthouse, wherever inside Julius Malema was present.

Megalomaniac Malema calls the white farmers arrogant, he finds the farm murders no form of racism and denies its existence, because 'the black victims during the apartheid years had a much harder time than the murdered white farmers now'.

“Those are the ones who deserve our sympathy, not the old, white racists. We don't want to kill (the) white man. We want equality. ”

But retaliation for the past is what he literally says calls up.

He thinks that farmers are the agricultural land without compensation and give back to the black population without grudging in order to restore 'equality'.

In fact, he demands apologies and white man's money in the form of livestock and land. He wants billions of dollars in reparations'the African way'.

During the session, a crowd of black South Africans sang and danced outside to the beat of the song 'Kill de Boer', whipped up by an oratory Malema.

Due to the grim atmosphere on the street, barbed wire was rolled out between the two groups.

Shots rang out inside the courtroom, and the police van in which the suspects were being transported was attacked and knocked over by farmers.

In mainstream media, the situation is described as South Africa on the brink of civil war thanks to 'armed aggressive white farmers' in camouflage outfit.

But nothing is less true.

It was the EFF itself that had massive firearms smuggled along to Senekal and during roadblocks and checks this was also filmed.

But not a newspaper that reports on this.

EFF wants Moor (EFF wants to kill) it read on TikTok, among other things.

Ministers Bheki Cele and Ronald Lamola condemn white farmers in the press for "disproportionate violence" and are now saying very much WATCHFUL and to act very hard during 'this unsafe situation'.

The police chief, who is in charge of the mostly black South African police force, laughed next to Julius Malema and it was he who staged and directed the scripted riot.

The shots came from the EFF and the fire was started by the police themselves.

But after this set-up One of the farmers who spoke from his pick-up truck, Andries Pienaar (52), was arrested and detained on the grounds of terrorism charges.

He is also charged with public violence, vandalism, illegal possession of weapons and attempted murder.

His bail application was made in early October TURNED DOWNbecause one fears public outrage as soon as the white farmer would 'just be released'.

The bail for one of the two main suspects in the farm murder case was ASSIGNED.

So this demon is walking around freely at the moment.

Meanwhile Monday, October 19, a white farmer was attacked by two farm attackers during his lunch break at the Vandermerwesdam farm in Koffiefontein.

31-year-old Andries Smith Myburgh smelled a burning smell and after investigating he was hit on the head with a hard object, stabbed with a knife and doused with gasoline.

Myburgh reached for his weapon and fired at the intruders. But when he found himself on fire, he jumped into the pool.

The farm attackers fled and have not yet been traced.

It would include a two meter tall black man wearing a blue t-shirt.

Several pastors are due to the racial tensions proceeded to hold massive joint prayers on the streets and in stadiums to tempt God one bloodbath in South Africa.

Listen to these 2 heartbreaking short videos:


New crop of farmmurders and farmattacks

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