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Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia in the breach for Greece

The situation on the border between Turkey and Greece is getting worse.

The Greek authorities had to drive away thousands of migrants again this morning with tear gas and grenades to prevent them from entering the country. (source)

In total, the Greeks say they have prevented 27.832 attempts to cross the border. 220 people were arrested.

It also seems that Turkey is only fueling this attack on the Greek borders. Fakenews are spread and it is said that Greek fire has killed them. The Turks themselves would also spray with tear gas.

A spokesperson for the Greek government Tweette:

The EU finally met today to meet the crisis to discuss.

“Our first priority is to ensure that order is restored at the Greek borders. They are also European borders. ” said globalist Ursula von der Leyen.

It seems unthinkable that cowardly Western European countries will physically help to combat this attack on Europe. People will then have to fight against the chance beads of globalists. Whether they throw Allahu Akbar calling Molotov cocktails at the Greek police and destroying churches does not matter much. (source)

For the time being, the EU is settling the matter by sending 700 million euros to Greece. (source)

The EU also warned Turkey "Not to encourage more migrants to travel to the EU borders." 

Turkish officials responded that they cannot stop them if they do.

We are ready to help!

The four countries where fortunately common sense has not yet disappeared met at a conference and have promised to help Greece effectively and physically to protect their borders.

These are Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. 

The Czech Premier Andrej Babis said today that action must be taken now and that Europe must defend its borders.

"We are ready to help!" said Babis. (source)

The Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki also indicated that the country is ready to deploy Polish auxiliaries at the borders of Greece. “The increasing number of migrants is a threat to our security. And not just those of Greece. ”

According to Victor Orbán there are already 130.000 migrants crossed the border into the Balkans. (source)

"It will not be enough to just defend the Greek-Turkish border." said Orbán during the conference today. “They must be stopped. As south as possible. ”

"And in the worst case, we will also defend Europe's external borders." (source)

Another European leader with vision, Sebastian Kurz of Austria, also believes that Greece should be helped effectively very quickly. The migrants are being used by Erdogan as a political football. As instruments for putting pressure on the European Union. ”

“We are prepared to use the Austrian police to check the countries at the external borders. A situation such as in 2015 should no longer occur. These illegal immigrants are not allowed to reach Europe. ”



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