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Hungary uses force if necessary to protect the EU

We have a very big problem in Europe and we know that it can burst at any moment. After the imbecile policy of the EU in recent decades, the day is gradually coming when we start paying the bill.

Erdogan threatened to allow millions of immigrants to enter Europe free of charge last month: "We're throwing open the gates and 3.6 million immigrants are coming your way!"

Victor Orbán was clear: “When Turkey actually releases hundreds of thousands of immigrants and sends further into Europe, Hungary will use its power to protect its borders and Europe. And I do not hope for anyone that it is necessary to use violence ”  (source) (source)

He also told HirTV last Wednesday: "The following weeks will determine what Turkey does with those immigrants"

“It can go both ways! Take them back to Syria or release them in Europe. In case Turkey chooses the latter, masses of migrants will arrive at the border of Hungary ”

Orbán also urges Europe to help Turkey enter cities Syrie rebuild instead of continuing to criticize them.

Earlier in August, Turkish Minister Süleyman Soylu said: “We are facing the greatest wave of immigration in history. If we open the floodgates, no European country will survive for more than six months. ”

"We advise not to test our patience!"

The EU can continue to point the finger at Trump, Erdogan or Putin but this terrible monster of a project has failed. And it has put the lives of every citizen in the EU at stake.

We will continue to follow it closely!

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