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Hooray, the muzzle can be removed (for a while)

In the Netherlands then.

The Belgians are still saddled with the basket until September.

However, saddled up? The Belgians wear the muzzles without murmuring, with conviction and with military discipline. They address offenders directly and firmly!

The fact that the muzzles can be removed in the Netherlands from next Saturday is because they are now vaccinating the virus themselves on a large scale and they hope to be ready next week. Since it is not yet completely certain that the vaccine works sufficiently, we have to keep 1,5 meters away.

I think that if the mainstream media were to publish the above message, most people would still take it for granted.

The real reason that the muzzle requirement is being abolished is that it will soon be summer recess. They want to go out on their own and on vacation and they don't feel like putting on such a muzzle.

Now you will say: 'But they themselves certainly didn't do that?'

That's right. All measures do not apply to politicians, civil servants and especially not to police officers. Oh, and of course it doesn't apply to Willemtje either. But oh my gosh, he's so sorry….


For form, they sometimes try to join in the nonsense, but that's only if there are cameras around.

But if they go on holiday themselves, the risk is too great that they will bump into people who catch them and register and distribute it with photo and video. Just look at all the fuss that has arisen around the G-7 friends who were having a nice barbecue moments later and thought themselves unobserved.


So, dear people, take a break for a few months. And after that, with double power.

Klaus, you know, the one from Ze Kreet Rieszet, has already warned that difficult times await us in the coming autumn.




Video with Klaus' message:

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