Hoera! The scientific evidence is there! It is all not too bad.

How many people do you know?

Danny had already asked in one of his messages how many people you actually know who have become ill and have died of covid-19. See:

Personally, I know exactly one person in the 9-month 'pandemic'. Unfortunately a good friend of mine contracted the disease and much more unfortunately he also died from it.

That is sad and I am sad about that. But I know a lot of people in the Netherlands, Belgium, Peru and also in other parts of the world. And besides my friend Salvador, I don't know anyone else who has contracted covid-19.


We are of course not Maurice de Hond. (Fortunately, because Robert Jensen renamed Maurice a while ago as Maurice the Unreliable Dog). But with this I would like to call on all CommonSenseTV readers to leave a note about how many people you personally (not from a newspaper article or something like that) who became infected with the sars-cov-2 virus and who became ill with covid-19 and died from it.

A small survey. Would you please participate? Then we get a picture, determined by ourselves as witnesses, of the real nature of the 'pandemic'.

In Peru

I myself have witnessed the massive demonstrations that have taken place against the recent coup d'état. It started on Monday, November 9. Initially with several tens of thousands of protesters, but over the course of that week it grew to several hundred thousand protesters in the Plaza San Martin in the center of Lima. Loudly chanting slogans, we all stood there on top of each other. If it were really the case that we get infected with the sars-cov-2 virus by being close to each other, then that should be evident from the official figures. But nothing is less true. The trend in the number of infections has been declining for some time and the decline continues after all the mass demonstrations. The BLM demonstrations in Amsterdam and the corona demonstrations in Berlin showed the same picture.


But most importantly: science also proves!

As a by-catch in the scientific studies into the effectiveness of the vaccines, a good picture can also be obtained of the severity of infectivity. This appears after studying the research results of Pfizer and Moderna.

You can read extensively about the covid-19 vaccines, which were announced last week with a lot of fanfare and fuss (but which are not vaccines) in this column:

But I found even more good news in those studies, in fact, much better news! Published by Pfizer and Moderna, only for that I had to read between the lines.

We can calculate from the phase 3 study of Pfizer and conclude what kind of virus we are actually dealing with.

43.661 people of different age groups and different ethnic backgrounds participated in the study. Half of this group of people received the Pfizer vaccine and the other half a NaCl syringe (placebo).

These people were then exposed to the virus. The cheering about the effectiveness of the vaccine is because of the vaccinated group only 8 people became ill.

That is of course good news.

But even better news is that of the group of 21.830 people who received a placebo, only 162 contracted the disease. So we are talking here about a group of people who on purpose were exposed to the virus sars-cov-2 and were not protected against it. That is 0,74%.

Moderna's phase 3 study gives even better results. Only 0,67% of the unvaccinated participants contracted covid-19 after exposure to the virus.

So, even after deliberate exposure, hardly anyone gets sick from this virus.

We already knew that, of course, but now it has been scientifically established through the Phase 3 studies of Pfizer and Moderna.

And if we now also let go of the IFR (Infection Fatality Ratio) of less than 0,2% (that is the percentage of the sick who die of it), on that (average) 0,705%, then we get 0,00141% .

That is therefore less than 1,5 people per 100.000 people who are actually exposed to the virus.


Unfortunately, we don't know how many people are actually exposed to the virus in real life.

The dictators think they know how we can virtually rule out exposure by means of mouth masks and a distance of 1,5 meters. But even if we 'infect' each other, there is still nothing wrong.

The people who die from Covid-19 are usually over 80 years old. In the Netherlands, 80 is about the average life expectancy. But internationally that is 72 years.

Of course, this could also be concluded from the ordinary statistics for a long time. The average death rate is no different from normal. And that is not only the case in the Netherlands, it is the case everywhere. In the spring there has been a peak in deaths, followed by a dip since then. That is not abnormal, it also happens with a flu wave or a hot summer.


This news is, of course, much more spectacular than the news that the vaccinees were even less at risk of contracting covid-19. Okay, even less risk is fun, is better. But if the risk is almost non-existent, it doesn't make much sense to get some new mRNA agent injected into your body that then starts to mess around in your own body DNA. The short-term side effects seem to be less than expected, but nothing is known about the long-term side effects. Previous influenza and corona vaccines have had very serious consequences in the past. Just look up how much trouble the Mexican flu virus vaccine from 2009 (you know, the vaccine from Ab Osterhaus) caused. Just look up how many deaths the 2017 flu vaccine caused. With the increase in the administration of flu vaccines in recent years, we also observe an increase in deaths. They are attributed to influenza, but in reality it could be because of the vaccines.

Oh, and another interesting piece of news, the RIVM monitoring shows that 3 cases of corona were discovered in the past week based on a real laboratory test. That is about in line with the average of the past 10 weeks.


And think about what other risks we run in life.

I had already written in a column that more people in the Netherlands currently die from an unfortunate fall (from the stairs, the bicycle or in the bathroom) than from covid-19.

Protection is good, but somewhere it ends and we accept some risks in life. Of course you always put on your seat belt in the car. But you are going to drive and do not leave the car.


The bottom line is that we could stop all this nonsense. That we could get on with our lives. And that we could move on to bring to justice the regimes that have caused all this corona hoax worldwide suffering and destroyed so many human lives.

But then again, the power of the pharmaceutical industry is immense and of course these companies, led by Bill Gates, want to push these global vaccination programs through at all costs.

We will have to fight tooth and nail against this incredible scam. They are not going to stop. All the above facts and calculations do not interest them at all. The third wave it has to arrive and with the PCR test that is almost impossible to sustain. So many people (except Mark Rutte then) know how unreliable and especially how unsuitable the PCR test is. That is why the corona rapid tests will be launched soon. These are even more unreliable than the PCR tests, which are already 95% unreliable.



Do you want to read or check it all yourself:





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