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One of the reasons I was so eager to get involved and devote my life to this was, and is, because of the silly, cringe-inducing but also dangerously hypocritical political correctness.

Most of you have already seen this video. It is the ultimate example of hypocrisy. What kind of people are those?

Know that I watched this video until the debate was interrupted. Look at them standing there. And then the actions of the chairman… this is very sad.


Not being allowed to talk about comparing the situation today with that of World War II is so stupid, infantile and dangerous. 

There are many comparisons to the Second World War. They may be made and they do not lose their value because things happened in the war that are not happening now. You are not going to cross that off against each other in order to put the tyranny into perspective. The era is different and the war different.

Another difficult one:

When the word Jew appeared more than 3 times in one of our articles, our inbox rained with complaints, even threats. Something I didn't understand at all and still don't understand. Other emails were positive because it was finally made negotiable. I understood even less about that.

There are, just like in other population groups, good and bad people. Why can't we talk about it? Unless you lump everything together.

I myself did not delve much into the Israel/Palestine situation and never attached any value to the origins of the “great people behind the scenes”. It turns out to be a lot of Jews, I've learned. I also know the dark stories of, for example, George Soros.

But there is a very big difference between those Jewish people and the Jewish people. The people hate those figures just as much as we do and we support everyone who is a real person who just wants to live in peace and security.

I say it very simply because I don't know enough to give an opinion. But as long as it is very clear that it concerns a certain Jewish group, who have nothing to do with the Jewish people themselves, then that can be discussed, right?

Jew-hatred. That's anti-Semitism. Something that is strange to me and I can't imagine anyone having that here. To hate someone beforehand because of his race or skin color, color or origin? I'm sure this applies to all authors as well.

There are still a lot of taboos.

Not being allowed to talk about (mass) immigration is also one of them. When you look at where to look whether this way of immigration works or what damage it causes, you look at the figures and then you can draw a clear conclusion: 20 years of dull misery and unnecessary costs and especially victims.

So if it is an irrefutable fact in figures that asylum seekers who often come from Muslim countries and cause major problems for our own Netherlands in many areas and if it demonstrably causes a significant increase in crime, which costs many extra victims, then you have to intervention after the first year.

And then you can make a really nice theater around it as media being and some ridiculous groups or opinion makers, numbers are numbers. Just like with the so-called covid19.

When you make that observation and want to discuss it, you are not a racist but a realist with a heart who knows that things can be done better than this absurd asylum policy. And I'm really sure that there are many foreign people in the Netherlands who think this too.

No, in a mature intelligent society, I think the question should be:

“How do we as the Netherlands make a humane asylum policy for people who really need it and are happy with a country like the Netherlands that offers them quality shelter because it is necessary?”

And that mass immigration that's coming up. None of that. No country would be so crazy. There are very good solutions instead of blowing up our culture that we have built over hundreds of years. The earth is big enough. Money is thrown into the most pointless pits so it's possible.

But the government doesn't want this, they don't care about the Netherlands or our people, they are carrying out a plan that is so Devilish that they deny it while they are carrying it out. The funny thing is that people like Klaus Schwab are just coming out for it.

No, you're not doing this. Then you are completely unfit. And unfortunately in this case you are as a performer in common and you have a lot of blood on your hands. Because what you are suited for is lying to the boss for your own future.

You're not going to make it. Not really.

Notice for regular readers

Here I am again

This is just for the regular readers.

Almost 2 weeks ago my computer stopped working again. I always build my PCs myself, but somehow the screens don't work anymore. Everything seemed fine, but no picture. Not even after the standard method, I have quite a bit of experience with it.

But in this case I just couldn't get it to work. Because that guy from the IT business asked for mouth caps, that was a no-go.

I found PC Components. A Spanish company. I don't want to deal with Amazon.

Ordered power supply, no effect, new motherboard (I saw bent pins in the socket), nada. New processors? Yes, but a 1200 and I ordered a 1151, Graphics card then? No, tried on someone else's PC. New cables? But in the meantime bought everything and that hurt for a while.

But luckily, I just came to the realization that I'd better buy a ready-made PC, a good one, because the company was kind enough to take back everything I ordered and we're back.


In December I already said: “Two more days and we have a completely new video site.”

I really thought so too. Everything seems so easy. Purchase a theme, own video player and you're done. But it does not work like that. Every time something happens and you start writing again. And then the peripherals. Lots of peripheral issues. Like the website.

I liked it the first 2 days. A mandatory weekend off. Something happened to my PC a year ago and that was a disaster. CSTV was virtually silent. Only Leslie tried her best, but she also has her job. I wanted to jump off the balcony.

But this week I could take all the time because CSTV just kept going. And with very diverse and good articles. I would like to thank Cor, Avalon, Marcel, Leslie, Jens, Niels , Carla (welcome and come back!), Chris, Jasper and Rients. Did I forget you? Thank you too. In the evening after fiddling with the computer I couldn't see any news because I couldn't post anything.

This is what was intended. A platform where people from all walks of life can broadly express their opinion or deliver news to the same end goal. And expand from there.

And expand from here. We now have a Spanish employee who is multilingual and it is important that our news gets there too. Our foreign versions of the site are on a separate domain and therefore also appear in search engines. Hope he is really motivated. Motivation is of great importance. Otherwise it will be nothing. Have we forgotten you? Please email us again.

Okay, I'm reinstalling my PC and that's going to take quite some time. You have many fixed tools, security programs, drivers.

Then I'm terrified to open the inbox. I can already see this:

Just an example, screenshot is not real

And we go again! We must move on and the struggle must be stepped up. We are forced to.


First about the comments

We have a spam filter. We have to turn it on and this is the best we've found. We've set it as light as possible but we can't turn it off.

Before you know it, several spam comments with advertisements for Viagra and other things are being posted by bots every second. This happened right at the beginning. Then you are not happy if you have to remove it manually.

Although no one can understand the spam filter, there are a few things that the spam filter finds suspicious.

Those are:

  • Long posts with lots of links
  • Messages with a word that repeats often
  • Posts posted with a VPN on. The IP address was probably used for spamming.

Lent already realize that if they formulate their message a little differently, he will get through right away. That usually works.

We normally look at the messages in the spam every day and approve them (unless it is really spam). We are sorry. It can be inconvenient and we will keep looking for a better one that will pass normal messages in general.

I was informed through the media that there would be a number of worrisome comments. I watched the first 40, I didn't see anything special in terms of misery. But 40 is not much so I look further and of course I email that person.

This can be very tricky sometimes. You never want to censor. We always wanted to try it with simple rules: No unnecessary name-calling or personal attacks, no trolling and no racism, Nazism or extremism etc.

You don't want a pigsty under the articles where it just isn't fun anymore because no discussion is started by the regular annoying trolls.

It's actually going really well. Sometimes it's squeezing, but I like to read the comments.

But you come across situations that make it difficult for us:


Jan: I deny that the holocaust happened. I've seen this and this. These are my arguments and take a look at them. 
Klaas: What a fool you are, they had to kill you! Everyone knows what happened!

If you had to delete one comment, which one would you delete?

According to the three rules that of Klaas. There is no argument at all. He can argue that it did happen and could post that.

He is clearly angry because someone is denying the holocaust. That hits him hard. That can be imagined. If you remove that, you can count your fingers on the fact that we get an angry e-mail from Klaas and others.

But if someone actually thinks the holocaust didn't happen or at least not as we're told, shouldn't they? Should we remove that? censor? That is not possible. That will be an angry e-mail from Jan and from others.


That could be a problem

There are very good trolls. And by good trolls I mean bad characters. I hope we can keep them away as a community together but I think we can and we have a plan to fight against that but also ask for your help. You can flag comments so we can check them. You can do this by sliding over the name with the cursor of your mouse or on mobile by clicking on the bar that contains the name. A red flag will appear that you can use to notify us.

Bank account donations changed

One last announcement: A number of people donate per bank, which we are very happy with.

The account number has changed, it can be found on the About Us and the Support Us page. Thank you for your support!

Now that I've been away for a week or two, I can't really add a few days to get the video site and new front page in order. Just like in December, say…

People think this is the new homepage but it is definitely not. It's just a simplified version.

We will answer all emails asap and I will not answer but it is urgent, mail again.

Want to know more about CSTV?

Go to the About Us page:

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