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If we Dutch want, we can put an end to this total madness NOW, according to Mark Rutte himself!

Striking statement (immediately followed by manipulative statements) in which Mark Rutte says that if the Netherlands wants us to stop the measures, the government cannot do anything about it.

Mark Rutte said


So we don't have to pay all the penalties and we can complain? That is the rightful first question that will come to many. Especially now that illegal mask masks are introduced.


In this compilation a number of questions and examples that are not asked by any MSM journalist and that no media shows. Facts and images that show how perpendicular all words of Mark Rutte are to reality.


But we need to get together to show that we do NOT want this. Referendum? Petition? To The Hague?

"If we as a society do NOT want this, then we do not have the power to stop this."

And that's right! Nothing is stronger than a united society.

Watch full press conference:
Thanks to Rick, who was attentive and provided us with the exact timestamps.

Mark Rutte: “Well, you know, we are a free country. Would the choice - and that is not going to happen - but suppose that the Netherlands would decide, 'you know, never mind, that virus, we'll see, we'll just cuddle again and stop washing hands and et cetera et cetera', then that is also a choice.

We don't have the power to forbid that. We don't have a dictatorship, uh, in which I send the police out on the street and put them in front of every front door, we're not going to do that here.

That is also a choice that you can make as a society. I am convinced that we are not going to make that choice and why not, because this is a mature country and we are in solidarity here.

So I saw those numbers, but I think it will turn out differently. That everyone is now shocked by the numbers and thinks, 'guys, be careful'.

Now we can still get it under control with a number of regional measures and a few annoying national measures. Annoying for students, I realize that. Annoying for football fans, uh, uh, eh, when it comes to regions where that should be applied now.

Uh, perhaps also annoying in the hospitality industry that you now have more administration before you can enter. But that is really still manageable. But I think that now people also think because of those numbers 'oh wait a minute guys, eh, this is really a risk that we all run', and that will also help is my belief that we will not make let it slip. ”

A few more additions from the same video, as a reference:
[29:27] Rutte: “My role view is very simple, I am not a dictator. And besides, even though I would like to be - but fortunately I don't want to be - we also simply miss the power apparatus here in the Netherlands to enact a dictatorship, uh, here. Not enough police, not enough army, and if you did they would probably refuse ”
[31:40] Rutte: “Mouth masks do, very likely, very little to prevent the transmission of the virus '…' But it can have a behavioral effect”
[32:35] Rutte: “I have said that before, a society that has grown in 10.000 years, we now have to adapt so quickly - hopefully temporarily - on so many points, you can never do that perfectly”
[35:30] Hugo hopes to have the first delivery of a vaccine in the first months of 2021.

The rest of the press conference was irrational and a shame for our Netherlands. See Leslie's report here:


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