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Still don't want to see it? Then you figure it out!

You get very tired of it.

People who don't want to listen or shrug when you press a number of facts to their noses.

There are really people who do have common sense and are willing to listen and look at the facts when you talk to them about it. Who will see the urgency of it. Not everyone is busy on a daily basis to follow the world news, so you keep trying to open people's eyes. Offline and here on CSTV. The urgency has never been so great.

The worst figures are the people who are so naive and shortsighted. Who cannot get further than: "Oh, so older people over 70 are not important?"

And then that other kind of people: Those so-called smart people who have no punch line whatsoever what this is all about and what is waiting for us (and what is also in store for them) but have a huge waffle and all they can is pissing off with the littlest, for them very clever sounding, one-liners.

You know them.

You must ignore and ridicule those people to death. Ignore no-shaking.

We are going to find solutions for this together with the people who are awake and nothing is so cl * too for those figures than to be ignored.

If, after almost a year, those figures still don't realize what's going on ... and ignore every fact ... then find out. Go and invite 2 men to your birthday and tell the neighbors who normally do.

If you don't even want to get into the fact that only 128 people under 70 have died in nearly 2 flu seasons and also try to find a reason to defend this policy, then you are an idiot. And dangerous. This fact is one example of many.

This is not about different opinions. It's about what's going on.

If they are willing to listen, keep them coming back and pay no further attention.

We would prefer to get away, right now, from Twitter and Facebook. Our hands are itchy. Let them find out over there on those censorship platforms. Will be boring. Nothing is more bad for those guys than being ignored and not being able to point their finger. As soon as there are reasonable alternatives, we're gone.

Robert Jensen described it very well yesterday:

Whole episode:

Some context to this video for people who don't know Robert very well: Robert Jensen is very sincere in his opinion and will never call for violence. He substantiates everything neatly. He radiates positivity and in my opinion he is very important. The media likes to pick some pieces from a few shows, stick them together and you get a completely different picture.

Lost a lot of “friends” who don't want to look any further and don't want to listen.

You don't address them for nothing. If they realize that you are a friend of theirs, they should listen as I am supposed to listen when my friends try to explain something to me. And that is sometimes difficult because people are stubborn. But after being addressed a number of times, you look in the mirror for a moment and you think: if so many say it, then something must be wrong and you might be able to adjust your opinion a little.

That is not a loss. That is an enrichment. You become wiser. You learn from each other. Information is passed on.

It makes so much sense and within a few hours you have a fair idea of ​​the big picture. But even that is not even necessary. The simple facts that undermine the whole story are there. The numbers are on the table. Then why don't they look at it? Anyone can see it. People's laziness is shocking.

They will come and explain it to us when they suddenly get hit themselves because they are not allowed to walk their dog or get an anal mandatory PCR test in which they have to use a huge rod because the virus is so complex.


No corona without measures: All misery for 128 corona deaths

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