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Illegal Content and European Censorship

By Marcel van Tol, Listening, Observing, Revealing


I read an article/interview about upcoming legislation on 'fake news' with Věra Jourová, European Commissioner for Values ​​and Transparency.

Sounds nice, doesn't it? Values ​​and Transparency. Who isn't for that.

But the values ​​of 'their' do not appear to be 'our' values ​​and the transparency of 'their' does not appear to be 'our' transparency.

The Czech liberal has to draw up a European strategy against disinformation campaigns. Inspired by the American censorship of twitter and youtube, she wants to introduce a censorship strategy on a European scale that all platforms must adhere to. Not incidentally, as with Trump or Van Haga, give punches, but only allow the government noise on a structural basis.

Jourova grew up in communist Czechoslovakia and from that background it is hallucinatory that she is going to record and determine what disinformation is, what people may or may not write down and perhaps later even what people may and may not think.


Does disinformation exist? Yes of course. It is there now and it always has been.

Only we used to call it bar talk or gossip or mood-making.

Should that be banned? Of course not!

Governments fear the negative impact of what they call disinformation. That messes up their plans. The fact that they have to be censored just means that their story is wrong. If I tell lies and someone else tells the truth, then at some point I will fall into the trap. The bad thing is that the governments are increasingly failing to do so. And they want to do something about it structurally.

Especially during the coronaplandemic, Europe is afraid of the other sounds about the virus and the vaccines. One should only listen to the government narrative dictated by the vet-viroliers of the government health institutions.

But Jourova sees the 'problem' on a much larger scale: After all, it is also Russia that is spreading disinformation.

Always easy to blame the big, bad, evil Russia. That is very abstract for most people, but potentially dangerous and with that a law can easily be pushed through without any opposition.

Europe has already reached an agreement with social media platforms to 'remove dangerous disinformation'.

Everything in the interest of your health, ladies and gentlemen!

That goes pretty far.

Jourova: “Our deal with the social media platforms is clear: during the pandemic, they must promote the message of the health agencies and remove dangerous fake news. That arrangement will end as soon as the pandemic is over, but we are also working on sustainable solutions. The European Commission has also tabled the Digital Services Act (DSA), putting more responsibility on platforms to remove illegal content.”

Let's face it, classifying the opinions of renowned scientists as fake news doesn't go far enough.

Everything that does not fit in the government alley is already described as 'illegal content'.


It is already the case in most countries that the military is called in to analyze content from independent media channels and on a European scale it wants NATO to do the same.

All for your safety, ladies and gentlemen!

Every European Ministry of Defense already has a special unit that monitors 'disinformation' and stamps the media channels.

But of course it won't stop with stamps. We are now working hard on that. The 'fake news' classified by them cannot be contested by them with valid arguments. That's obvious. An example:

Michael Yeadon, a scientist with 40 years of experience, warns of the potentially enormous damage that the 'vaccines' can cause. That's fake news.

Hugo de Jonge has conducted extensive research himself and has concluded that the 'vaccine' is no more dangerous than eating a frikandel. That's the real news.

(I have to make a small nuance here: hugo'tje once received a chemistry box for his 7th birthday. It contained all kinds of substances that he could mix and then see what happens. And hugo'tje has all the combinations tried it and injected it into his little sister, so he sure knows what he's talking about).

Meanwhile, more and more people (also) get their information on the websites of independent news providers, of which CommonSenseTV is one.

Banning news channels on facebook, twitter, linkedin, whatsapp and youtube does not go far enough for them. The control that the government wants to have on 'the news' has to reach much further. It will eventually lead to far-reaching restrictions on the internet. There is even thought of a fine system.


We've all seen it happen on a small scale. Blocked, removed, income sources blocked. Much more suffering awaits us on a large scale. Under the guise of the usual sweet talk, environment, safety, equality, you name it all. We are being driven further and further into the trap.


I've mentioned before that the reports from the UN, the World Bank, The Rockefeller Foundation, the WHO and you name them all paint the same picture: We're going to build a better world for you. We are going to fight poverty. Window dressing. Beautiful star commercials and you will be cheated right in front of you, because meanwhile they do the exact opposite of what is claimed.


Recommendation: especially listen to the interview with Thierry Baudet by Flavio Pasquino.

Not to make you happy, but to realize how serious the situation is.

Baudet (FvD): Lock Step, Great Reset, Build Back Better. “We want answers now!”

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