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Illegal immigrants roam freely in the Netherlands. One and a half meters of law cannot be applied in a cell.

The Netherlands released 11 people from alien detention between March 31 and May 390. Because this group of undocumented migrants is not entitled to reception, the majority have ended up on the street. Usually, only a few dozen foreign nationals are released per month.

That is what De Telegraaf and Volksverr .. Volkskrant write today.

“When the corona measures were announced, the file of every person in custody was examined”, says the ministry spokesman.
"An assessment has been made for each individual case: how long has this person been in custody, is a lighter means possible and is there an actual prospect of deportation."

“Another sixty foreign nationals have left for their country of origin with the help of non-governmental organizations. The remainder, 260 foreigners, ended up on the street. Because of their status they are not entitled to reception: ”

De Volkskrant headlines with:

“The Netherlands released 11 people from immigration detention between 31 March and 390 May. Because this group of undocumented migrants is not entitled to reception, the majority has ended up on the street. ”

The government calls it a "Devil's dilemma"

“The corona crisis once again underscores how diabolical this dilemma is for the government. Expulsion has become even more difficult due to all the restrictions. Staying in a detention center is far from ideal, especially during a virus outbreak. Foreign nationals share a cell of about ten square meters with the two of them, so that the 1,5-meter rule can hardly be observed. “

When will this country wake up and drag them out of that building in The Hague?

And who are behind this?

“Six human rights organizations, including the Immigration Detention Hotline, Amnesty International and the Dutch Council for Refugees, therefore called on the government last month to release all residents because of the risk of infection. “, according to the Volkskrant.

Oh yes .. There is no prospect of a reasonable term that these illegal immigrants will be deported. ” (source)

A few more rapes and robberies a week. Yes it's tough, but those are the numbers. Everyone likes to hide under the smoke screen called: “corona”.






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