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Illegal Rwandan Emmanuel Abayisenga murders French priest Olivier Maire

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A Rwandan immigrant to France already under investigation for setting fire to Nantes Cathedral last year has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a Roman Catholic priest, prosecutors said Monday. (source)

The 40-year-old "confused man" surrendered to police mid-morning, admitting that he killed the head of the religious congregation where he stayed while awaiting trial for the cathedral fire.

It is said that there is no terrorist motive. (source)

The suspect Emmanuel Abayisenga, an illegal immigrant from Rwanda who had already left the country in 2019, did not want to leave and therefore did not leave.

After the cathedral fire in July 2020, when he should have left the country long ago, the suspect was held until the end of May, after which he was placed under judicial supervision. was released again and was placed in the abbey, the prosecutor said.

After saying he wanted to leave, he was transferred to a psychiatric hospital where he stayed until the end of July.

Now, in addition to the cathedral fire, he also has a brutal murder on his conscience when he should have been deported long ago.

Newspaper headlines: “Could this have been prevented?”. It's a rhetorical question, though the media probably don't even realize it themselves in their own stupidity or because of their agenda.

Of course this could have been prevented. This man should have been deported in 2019.

But what's happening? After being evicted, the man sets fire to a cathedral and kills a priest. In between these 2 offenses he was also released "pending trial"? Who made that up? Even if you're from Mars, you're supposed to be stuck. Who will explain how it is possible that a man who is deported in 2019 and then can commit 2 serious crimes in complete freedom?

This is the unsub Emmanuel Abayisenga. 

Reuters writes:

“The assassination will increase pressure on President Emmanuel Macron over his security and immigration policies, eight months away from a presidential election that will see his biggest challenge come from the far right.” (source)

Far right people are usually the people who see that uncontrolled mass immigration has nothing to do with goodness and saving lives but automatically leads to big problems and is completely unnecessary.

The senseless and dangerous mass immigration makes it impossible to set up a good and humane immigration policy for those who really need it. The photo in the tweet shows that this man walked with guns as a child. That's very sad, but that doesn't let you roam freely in your country. No country does that, except the countries in the EU.

Thinking further is not allowed and does not exist in the world of media and politics in the west. It's just childish how Western politicians draw the most superficial inaccurate conclusions and thus dismiss a large part of peace-loving people as the extreme right and provoke polarization. There is no depth in 2021. Thinking a step further is “the extreme right” while those people are a hundred times more human than the false and rotten politicians and media who live in their bubble and seize opportunities to steer the herd in the direction they want to go. want.

Reuters wrote the following sentence that nicely confirms the above:

“So in France you can be an illegal immigrant, set fire to Nantes Cathedral, never be evicted, and be insulted again by killing a priest. What is happening in our country is unprecedented: the total failure of the state”, tweeted far right leader Marine Le Pen.

Common sense is far right and because this criminal has a tan, criticism is racism. sigh.

French media describe the perpetrator Rwandan Emmanuel A. as a "courteous" man, "marked" by the history of his country of origin, Rwanda. (source)

The murdered priest was 60-year-old Olivier Maire.

Olivier Mayor

"I'm in shock. I can not believe it", Sister Dorothee Harushinana, who attended a mass led by the priest on Sunday, told Reuters by phone. “He was someone who was close to people. You could always call on him.”


Look at it from both sides….


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