News or Propaganda?

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Pictures released: US police shot boy (13) who raised hands

Chicago authorities have released footage showing a 13-year-old boy being shot dead by a cop. According to the police, the boy was armed, but that cannot be concluded from the images.


Images released by the police.


It is strange how police action (violence) from, for example, America makes the front page, but the police action (violence) in their own country is hidden or swept under the carpet.

or did you see this in Main stream media?

or this image? 

POLICE - DOG 14032021_032.jpg

Mainstream Media, the propaganda channel for politicians.

Politicians are the new nobility of a different caliber, they think they have power and think they owe it to the mob. Because of that alleged power, they go far in their bow to the people, but in the end they do exactly what the business community expects of them. Democracy is the easiest way to divide the people while making them believe that they themselves have something to say.

Divide and conquer


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