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This article was updated on April 25, 2021

RIVM has unsolicitedly created a mijn.rivm page for every citizen that shows whether you have been vaccinated against C.
This information can be shared with third parties.

I think something about that and I have kindly requested by email to remove this page immediately.

Do you want this too?

Go to and log in with DigiD

Click at the bottom of the page "Unsubscribe my.rivm"

You can then send an email and ask to delete your page immediately. You can unsubscribe from the vaccination system.


Dear people, whoever. Whatever color, ideology or status. We love you all because we love humanity. Do NOT get yourself and your loved ones vaccinated.

In all fairness, every physician, every expert, every virologist, and every right-minded person will come to the so obvious conclusion:

"Vaccination has turned out to be unnecessary and dangerous."

All these people are being censored but all these people CAN find you and you CAN seek the truth.

You can find out what is really going on here. It should not be this way if we had an honest media that genuinely stood up for the public.

But we don't have that.

How everything works, who exactly is behind it and why, we as humanity will find out. A lot is already known and you will not believe your ears and eyes.

But for now is important:

"Realize that you do not run any higher risk of dying now than in 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, etc."

Whatever age you are.

Flu mortality rate 0,15%
Corona mortality rate 0,15%

Flu disappeared last year.
Corona has taken its place.

More deaths? No

Again: Excess mortality? No. So no more deaths worldwide than before? No.

What would one pandemic,  a real pandemic, in the death rates must show? Asking the question is an attack on your intelligence. A pandemic so dangerous that we have to give up everything? Up to our freedoms? Our companies? Our way of life? Then there must be a LOT going on, right?

There is no excess mortality.

We know that many don't (want to) look at these types of sites. So be it. But in this case, the need is so great that we cannot warn you enough. It is our duty.

Don't flirt with death!

In a short time, your courage to resist this, and not let yourself be blackmailed or intimidated, will be rewarded, and you will soon understand why.

Do you really still have doubts? Gives it a while. Wait until next year. Then take a look at the situation. Many people have lost their lives due to the “voluntary” vaccination. Don't be tempted by the trick: "Corona killed more people."

It is like comparing apples and oranges. The vaccine does NOT prevent corona. It will supposedly protect you. But you are not in the risk group? And if you do fall into the risk group, you have already noticed that every year when we talk about cold viruses. But they are only fatal when you have other illnesses. Vaccination is voluntary flirtation with death.

Or do you actually entrust your life to politicians? Are you really going to consider that?

As Gommers said: "It's a cold virus." The summer is coming. The chance that you will now incur anything is less than the already minimal chance during the flu season. And are you under 70? You do not run any risk.

There is no rush. Let this unfold first. You will see why the government will go to great lengths to decide that you have your body injected. And you'll be glad you didn't and kept your back straight.

You will see how our government has tricked us and you will be wide awake. And that is the way to a better world.

Whoever reads this:

Vaccination? Now? You would be crazy! Really, you would be CRAZY to get vaccinated.

Any sincere expert would tell you and SAY it to you.

On our site alone you can find so much information about vaccinations, about mRNA vaccinations and about what is happening in the world. Substantiated. Always. Because nonsense? That is directly punished here by the readers.

Do not let yourself be blackmailed that you would otherwise not be able to go to occasions or go on vacation. They are wrong. Don't do the irreversible. A vaccine is irreversible. If you want your holidays back, you must cooperate in ensuring that the majority of the population does NOT vaccinate.

Everything will then become clear to you and you will see the true face of the media and the government.

In all states and countries where no masks have been worn and no lockdowns have been imposed:

The picture is exactly the same. So, face masks have not "turned off" the flu. The states and countries without these corona measures are at the top of all positive lists.

Reason: No side effects from the lockdowns and masks have kept people healthier. Less stress because everyone could keep their business. Instead of losing it with all its financial and psychological consequences.

Be critical and understand power.

Unsubscribe completely

Yesterday we posted this. It would send a huge signal if millions of people unsubscribe. Then it is immediately clear.

The only thing we were concerned about and warned about was that the RIVM asks for a copy of your ID. After investigation, it appears to come from the RIVM itself. In our view, this is legitimate but completely unnecessary and unfairly made difficult. It is up to you how to act. Just a call or wait for the news.

The following forms will take you completely out of the vaccination system.

The RIVM asks for a copy of your ID. The links actually come from the RIVM and the email address too.

This is remarkable. A DigiD should be sufficient. That's what it's set up for. So why the extra threshold?


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