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In Antwerp, an EVENING CLOCK applies from Wednesday evening

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Now that the police regulation of Antwerp governor Cathy Berx has been completed on the additional corona measures in the province, those measures will take effect from Wednesday evening.

This means that, among other things, there is a general oral mask obligation and that at 23.30 pm the infamous curfew goes in.

From Wednesday evening, at least before FOUR WEEKS long, everyone in the province of Antwerp must stay inside between 23.30 hour and 6 in the morning, except for non-delayed essential movements.

It is one of several EXTRA corona measures in force in the province after a so-called sharp increase in the number of corona infections in and around the city of Antwerp.

The cafes and restaurants must close at 23 pm.

There are hardly any people on the terraces. A very strange picture in a normally bustling city. And that on one beautiful summer evening.

'It's a bit scary,' says Anne Demoors, while she is still enjoying a beer on a terrace with a friend.

“The word curfew… That's the first time since the Second World war, that comes in just as hard. '

Ivan Melis from café De Bengel is also upset:

'We are ours with this summer. It actually feels a bit, for the hospitality industry, like a kind of general lockdown. '

Some things have closed their doors completely closed hold.

'This is CANNOT sea profitable', it sounds. Horeca Vlaanderen speaks of the possible 'death stabfor the sector in Antwerp.

The province of Antwerp loses his freedom again:

Curfew: 23:30 PM - 6:00 AM.

All events and parties are strict forbidden.

Fitness centers close.

This applies to the city of Antwerp and Aartselaar, Boechout, Boom, Borsbeek, Brasschaat, Edegem, Hemiksem, Hove, Kapellen, Kontich, Lint, Mortsel, Niel, Ranst, Rumst, Schelle, Schoten, Stabroek, Wijnegem, Wommelgem and Zwijndrecht.

Banquet halls become Closed, also fairgrounds close.

Mouth masks Outside everywhere obligated everybody above 12 years.

Physical distance in cafes between groups too taller (not just table to table.) Maximum 4 people at a table.

There also is a registration obligation. Customer records will be kept up to four weeks before contact detection.

It is allowed between 22 pm and 6 am no alcohol sold more to take away.

You do shopping alleen and a maximum of 30 minutes long, and that rule also applies to the markets.

Working from home is obligatedunless it is "completely impossible" or "undesirable" for your position.

Team sports 18+ forbidden.

Furthermore, only contactless sports are allowed. Judo or karate mag so not.


Muzzle on. Keep distance. Curfew. Otherwise you will be roasted without mercy. Belgium 2020. Our neighbor.

Spread the freedom!

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