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INCREDIBLE! Cabinet also opens the door for Albania

After France and Denmark are convinced that the accessions of North Macedonia and Albania are good for the European Union, the Netherlands is also starting to nod 'yes'.

Admittedly, Albania is of course an enormous enrichment for the European Union. Minister Blok indicates that North Macedonia meets all conditions. Blok called that six months ago "Albania is not ready for the EU"'. At the moment Albania seems to be lagging behind, but has a fine "principle".

Despite a large majority in the House against the accession of Albania, it still happens. Talks with the Albanians are expected to take place in approximately nine months.

The Balkan country is one of the most corrupt countries in Europe. Also in the economic field, Albania is far from ready to join the European Union.

Once again, the VVD proves not to have a backbone in Europe. They do say that they are against an accession of Albania. All in all, the Netherlands now seems to want to add water to the wine.

Source: Europe Now.

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