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Indictment of the alternative media!

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Few see that, as with countless other world events, the current 'pandemic' is an ingenious 'false flag' operation. According to some, there would be a real 'killer virus' around with countless victims, while others recognize the existence of the virus but not the great danger.

However: the coronavirus does not exist! It's a hoax. A 'psychop'. Deceit of unprecedented, monstrous proportions.



Viruses as external, contagious, independently operating disease processors do not exist!


Controlled opposition? Collaboration with the system

Let the alternative media now be one of the main reasons why truth-seekers in the Netherlands cannot get any clarity about this: To this day, most new media simply refuse to investigate and reveal the truth about the 'killer virus'. They thereby spread the virus and infection lie and their persistence in this is a substantial part of the problem. They are an obstacle. That while the documentation on this can still be found, despite the increasingly dire censorship. Endless non-discussions about the seriousness of the alleged virus, about aerosols, vaccination alternatives and appropriate measures drag on which distract from the real issue: that while it is five to twelve.

The hard facts about the non-existent coronavirus, virology and previous 'virus pandemics' are the following:


A. The coronavirus

  1. The existence of the coronavirus is never scientifically proven and cannot be proven.
  2. The 'virus' is a fabrication based on a computer program.
  3. All the evidence presented is based on fraud.
  4. 46 medical institutions from ten countries approached with WOB requests none evidence.
  5. Becomes one and a half million euros offered to those who can provide the evidence.
  6. Governments early in the that the virus has never been identified and isolated.
  7. The documentation that should justify the current terror policy is secret held.
  8. The entire 'pandemic' is prepared decades in advance, including lockdowns and the 'new normal'.
  9. Correct a non-existing virus enables complete control in advance.
  10. The 'coronavirus', 'vaccine' and test are already available manufactured and patented decades ago. It is a bioweapon.
  11. The coronaplandemic was also prepared in the Netherlands long before the alleged 'virus' emerged.
  12. The corona pandemic does not exist and was created for political purposes.


For the updated evidence and sources, see:



B. Virology 

  1. Virology is a fake science based on fraud, fraud and more fraud.
  2. The father of virology answers to all classic features of a psychopath.
  3. Its main lenders, supporters and promoters were the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and various other members of the United States the invisible cabal which is also at the forefront of the current plan demic.
  4. The Rockefeller & Gates families introduced the new 'medicine' based on poison, leading to profiteering, death and destruction and finally the current total control.
  5. She dismantled and demonized regular natural medicine.
  6. A member of the Gates family started the first large-scale vaccination experiment with millions dead result.


For the updated evidence and sources, see:



C. Virus Pandemics 

  1. All virus pandemics are based on deception. Examples:
  2. The Spanish flu virus does not exist.
  3. The 'Spanish flu' was in reality a genocide of at least fifty million people through vaccinations.
  4. The HIV virus does not exist.
  5. The AIDS pandemic was actually a rehearsal version for the COVID scandal.
  6. The fake HIV virus, like COVID, offered a lucrative patent on a non-existent virus and, like COVID, was shown with a fake test (PCR).
  7. History repeats itself in the 'AIDS pandemic': genocide of millions of Africans and homosexuals through vaccinations and AZT.
  8. The swine flu virus has never exist: it was a repetition of patent moves for profiteering.
  9. The 'vaccination' for swine flu led to paralysis, sleeping sickness and the death of many.
  10. The 'Zika killer virus' is never proven and was yet another hoax in which vaccination caused shrunken skulls, brain damage and paralysis. It was a cover for control, suppression and vaccine damage.
  11. The 'ultra-deadly' Ebola virus does not exist but the lucrative patents were a new gold mine in the offing.
  12. The Ebola 'contamination rates' were, as with the above fake viruses, obtained via the infamous PCR mock test and, likewise, all the aforementioned 'pandemics' based on deception, false diagnoses and assumptions.
  13. The existence of a virus is a decision taken in the virologists' meeting.
  14. The usual PCR test in fake pandemics guarantees if desired: everyone 'infected'.
  15. The poison syringe ('vaccination') is then the eugenic instrument for Gates' 'Final Solution.'


For the updated evidence and sources, see:



Instant clarity without virus

The emperor has no clothes on. Without a virus, it immediately becomes clear that this is a made-up problem that hides a completely different agenda. Then it becomes acutely clear that we are dealing with an evil that is beyond any human imagination. Then the masks fall off of entities that are essentially different from us. Entities that have no connection whatsoever with us as soulful, loving, conscientious and empathetic people, even if there is a physical resemblance. They are 'Fremdkörper'. Enemies of humanity, or as Professor Robert Hare calls them: 'intraspecies predators'.

And it is precisely about this unimaginably anti-human, nature- and life-destroying agenda and their people-hating designers that we have to talk about. Who or what are they? What do they want? And why?


Call to take responsibility

I hereby call on all new or alternative media and activist websites to immediately stop spreading the virus and contamination lie that perpetuates the system.

Only a few websites known to me continue to boldly spread the truth about 'viruses' and 'virus contamination'. They include: Martin Vrijland, Niburu, Ella Ster, Dlmplus, Wanttoknow, Pateo.

Unfortunately, the majority still rely on 'science', don't research anything themselves and persist to this day in spreading the virus and contamination lie (that doesn't mean that these websites also do an excellent job). This includes alternative news and activist websites such as Café Weltschmerz, Wybren van Haga, Flavio Pasquino, Common Sense, Blue Tiger Studio, Ninefornews, Virus Truth, Jensen, Forum voor Democratie, De Audiokrant and many, many others, including writers from CommonSenseTV but also an author like Robin de Ruiter.

The higher the education and social position, the more programmed, brainwashed and the less aware. The majority consensus on the existence of viruses, including what passes for 'science' (virology), is not the same as the truth. And a half truth is a whole lie.


Stop the virus fraud!

Help spread this article and create a snowball effect.

Reveal the repulsive nakedness of the Emperor. Make a fool of him in front of all Dutch people!

Stop the virus fraud!








Spread the freedom!

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