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Inform and protect yourself and your loved ones

Inform and protect yourself and your loved ones

The government has started and is in a hurry with its vaccination campaign for the experimental corona vaccine. The first groups to be offered the vaccine are healthcare workers and residents of nursing homes. This will soon be extended to other professional groups and parts of the Dutch population.

We have drawn up a number of documents to enable everyone to make a well-considered and fully informed choice. You can use this documentation to talk to your family, friends, colleagues, employer and / or doctor.

Know that you are free to make your own choice at all times. In no way can you be obliged to agree to take the vaccine, even under pressure. It is precisely for this reason that the Nuremberg Code was drawn up in 1947. Know your rights, live your truth.

Physicians have a duty to adhere to the Hippocratic Oath, and have a duty to inform and obtain the patient's explicit consent for medical treatment. With regard to participation in a medical experiment by a data subject - such as the current 'Covid-19 vaccination' experiment - a doctor's duty of care towards the data subject goes much further.

In order to support informed doctors in the conscientious and lawful provision of care and to involve uninformed doctors in this, the foundation has drawn up two letters that are sent in phases by e-mail to GGD doctors, general practitioners and doctors working at institutions (GGZ, disabled care, psychiatry, elderly care, rehabilitation doctors, etc.).

Letter addressed to physicians

The first letter is addressed to individual physicians reminding them that:

  • They have taken the Hippocratic Oath as doctors with the premise “I will not harm you”.

  • We as humanity have agreed with each other in the Nuremberg Code of 1947 that experiments with humanity may never take place again without the prior express and unambiguous consent of the person concerned and must be able to be stopped at any time by the scientist / physician / physician (in this case not possible).

  • Doctors must adhere to the principle of informed consent, whereby the doctor informs the patient thoroughly and completely about the intended effect and the expected risks prior to performing a medical procedure (in this case specifically aimed at the 'Covid-19 vaccine' for healthy people), especially when it concerns a medical experiment (KNMG).

  • If groups of (healthy) people are vaccinated with an experimental mRNA serum under the responsibility of the doctor (s) without having received explicit and unambiguous permission from the parties involved, this constitutes a violation of the provisions of the international convention 'Convention. on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide 'in force since January 12, 1951. Anyone guilty of genocide will at any time be internationally prosecuted, tried and punished.

Patient letter

To protect both doctors and patients, the foundation has drawn up a patient letter on the basis of which the doctor can fully and fully comply with the principle of informed consent with regard to participation in medical experiments. The responsibility for obtaining the patient's consent for the medical treatment or participation in the medical experiment 'Covid-19 viccination' rests entirely with the physician!


If the patient letter is NOT signed by the person concerned, the doctor is NOT authorized / entitled to administer the Covid-19 'vaccine' and the doctor is personally liable for all (injury) damage suffered by the person concerned as a result. The action of the doctor is also a crime and is punishable by the Criminal Code and the International Conventions such as the Nürnberg Code 1947 and the Genocide Convention of 1951.

If you or a direct family member are confronted with a doctor who wants to administer the vaccine, you can ask to be fully and completely informed by the doctor and refer to the patient letter (you can also submit this to the doctor yourself). You can keep the doctor by the Hippocratic Oath and refer to the Nuremberg Code which states that the patient's explicit and informed consent is required to participate in a medical experiment.

Please view the PDFs of both letters below. You can use them to inform your loved ones, your network, your doctor and / or institution.

Click on the image and you will be redirected to the website of Doctors for Truth Foundation. 

There you can view / download all documents


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