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Interim Report Extra-Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry 2020

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CommonSenseTV is not involved in this but we support this committee.

Order the interim report now - delivery from 1 March

You can order the interim report from today. Delivery from March 1st.

We worked hard on it for almost 5 months. And now it is here: the interim report of the BPOC2020! 

The committee is delighted and proud of the result!

You can order it from today. Delivery from March 1st!

Don't wait too long, the first edition is limited! 

Click on the image to order the interim report. 

We will of course keep you informed when the official handover will take place.

Many thanks to everyone who supports and follows us!

On behalf of the Commission,
drs. Pieter Kuit

Read the latest news as well the news page of the BPOC2020

Purpose of extra-parliamentary investigation

BPOC 2020 is investigating the measures taken by the government in the context of Covid 19, the corona virus, by hearing witnesses.

The committee includes experts such as doctors, scientists, lawyers and professors, who focus on the following question:

"Why have restrictive measures been imposed in our country since March 15, 2020 because of Covid19, are these measures effective and are the imposed measures in proportion to the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus?"

The hearings are public, filmed and streamed. A written report is made of the hearings. As a result of the hearings, interim reports and ultimately a final report with findings and conclusions are drawn up, which are presented to the House of Representatives and all relevant social organizations such as youth care, trade unions and the National Ombudsman.

Right of parliamentary inquiry

The House of Representatives can initiate independent research into policy and projects and have that research carried out by MPs. Several instruments can be used for this. The heaviest plea is research based on the Parliamentary Inquiry Act (Wpe). Since 2016, the House of Representatives has also had the option of holding a parliamentary questioning.

We will engage with a large number of experts, doctors, virologists, mathematicians, economists, but also entrepreneurs. Their names will be published here. 

An agenda for the hearings will then be drawn up and published here.

The interviews will without assembly  captured on video, op Facebook and live streamed on this website and published here so that everyone can follow the interviews, as should be done in a transparent parliamentary democracy.


Within the BPOC2020 there is only room for facts. The BPOC2020 explicitly distances itself from not scientifically proven theories.

Expert witnesses such as doctors, virologists, immunologists, etc. who make a scientific statement before the committee should support their statement with scientific sources. The sources are attached to the statement and are available from the committee on request.

There is no room within the committee for unsubstantiated scientific statements.

If an expert witness does not have relevant sources available during the questioning, the committee will request the expert witness to make these sources available to the committee as soon as possible, failing which the statement of the expert witness from the website of the BPOC2020 will be removed.

If the sources become available afterwards, the statement will be relocated.

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