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International prayer meeting in Jerusalem for all religions against Covid-19 vaccine experiments on children, follow live at 16:30 pm on May 5th

From Ilana Rachel Daniel

Please come to our International Unity Prayer Meeting in Jerusalem this Wednesday. It is an invitation to all religions to gather in a plea to God for support of our children who suffered disproportionately during this year + under the corona policy. Children who are further confronted with the known and unknown risks of the Israeli experimental vaccination program against a corona infection for which they have no statistical risk of harm.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the 1 hour time difference with Jerusalem, the livestream in the Netherlands will be followed from 16:30 pm, instead of 17:30 pm.


You can follow the livestream here tomorrow from 16:30 pm. Another reminder will follow tomorrow just before the Prayer Meeting begins with more details.

Facebook page:

Follow Ilana on her Telegram channel:


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