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International Socialists admit wrong assumption 'All Limburgers are racists'

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Syrian refugee Mohammed Sakka lived in Limburg, but is now in hiding in Belgium.

He claims to be terrorized for months by his neighbors in Heerlen.

His daughter was allegedly sexually harassed three times by the Limburg neighbor and the whole family was sprayed with chlorine from a water gun.

All this and his testimony that, among other things, dog poo is pushed through the letterbox, was readily acknowledged around adopted by the mainstream half. Who promptly rallied behind the 'pathetic Syrian family':

Limburgers would by definition are racists and the Syrian family would be urgent help and a new house need.

Also Muslim Rights Watch made an urgent appeal to demand justice.

The respective neighbors, plus three other neighbors, have a completely different story.

Gathered in the living room of neighbor Ramona, they tell about Sakka and his 17-year-old mentally disabled son for months harassing women and children in the neighborhood.

'The son kept grabbing my six-year-old granddaughter, wanted to hug her and pulled her behind the hedge,' says Jaantje Velders.

"He turned the child upside down and sniffed between her legs," confirm the other neighbors. "

Father Sakka was pushy towards the neighbors, they say. Ramona describes on Facebook how the man "kept licking his lips and grabbing his balls" when she walked by. When she told him not to be pleased, he became "aggressive and annoying."

Her lawyer Alper Cinar confirms her reading:

"What she writes on Facebook is truthful."

"Any suggestion of discrimination or racism is categorically incorrect."

Neighbor Antoinette Koch tells how the Syrian at the primary school in the neighborhood photos and videos of the made.

'My granddaughter is there too. He was chased away by the school and was not allowed to come by the police. '

A third neighbor who wants to remain anonymous tells how the man regularly came to her door:

He kept calling me lovely lady, wanted to feed me and forced himself. '

Her son:

"I told the police to stop this or I would act myself."

According to the neighbors, the father made more sexual gestures and took off his pants in the garden. He also made a lot of noise:

"Loud prayer music, drums on the balustrade at eleven o'clock in the evening, banging on our front door."

Meetings with housing corporation Vincio and community police officers yielded little results, the nuisance and the conflict have still not been resolved.

According to them, a firebomb on 14 November came from 'youth in the adjacent neighborhood who have brothers and sisters in that primary school'. The attack is said to be a reaction to the filming at the school and the harassment of children in the neighborhood.

In unison the ladies say:

'Terrible that we are now put away as racist. We have always had this family from the beginning assisted with everything, the neighborhood is very multicultural and we have no problems with anyone, only with this family. It has nothing to do with ancestry, but everything with fear behavior. '

De International Socialists the purebred Limburgers did not believe and they wanted a 'solidarity demonstration'organize because of the behavior of the' racist neighbors'.

Left-wing spokesperson Jannke Prins, asked for a response, initially said:

'It doesn't matter whether the video on Facebook is 100% correct, we just don't treat refugees like that. And Limburg just has one racism problem, we all know that '.

She does not know details of the case, she admits.

When Jannke hears that she is:

'Relieved that we did not go full on the organ'.

'That there would be racisme is then indeed a assumption been on our part. '

Images of the firebomb and the adequate action of the fidele neighbor who, despite everything, came to help extinguish the Syrians can be seen in the latest vlog of Brother Bob, wishing you all happy holidays.

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