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Interview with Donald Trump about BLM and the police

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Harris Faulkner interviews Donald Trump about the BLM demonstrations and about the police in the United States.

The police are under heavy fire from the Democrats, who have been hijacked by the extreme left.

Trump also emphasizes that many police officers commit suicide and simply stop working.

Although things are different. It is very similar to what is going on in the Netherlands.

Here they oppress us by abusing Corona. BLM is engaged and supported by politicians to create chaos. Like some kind of emergency plan. In the meantime, they want to push through the corona law so that we have lost our freedom and democracy.

In the US, Corona is especially on the side of the Republicans, who are apparently generally smarter and read from the numbers that Corona is not dangerous to middle-aged boy and people.

However, if you see a meeting of the Dems, or BLM, then everyone has almost a mask on. It radiates fear, and they want that.

Dutch subtitles.


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