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The man who sued Jaap van Dissel

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The man who sued van Dissel

On August 5 this year, insurance physician Dr. van Rijn filed suit against Jaap van Dissel.

The charge read:

Many, many more lives are lost to the lockdown than will ever be saved.
The Hippocratic oath has thus been violated: Primum non Nocere.

Friday, October 23 (today) the case would come to the Disciplinary Court and Jaap van Dissel would have to justify himself, but his case was "Not admissible" declared. Dr. van Rijn himself appeared before the disciplinary committee that day to present his complaint extensively to the disciplinary committee.

Jasper interviewed Dr. van Rijn.

The hero that Jaap van Dissel wanted to tackle when hardly anyone in the medical Netherlands dared to express a critical word about the corona measures and the lockdown. Dr. van Rijn did. He kept his oath. He also told his story at Café Weltschmerz and made a number of videos. These can be seen here again from next week.

We would like all critical doctors in the Netherlands to come forward instead of bowing to the intimidation of our corrupt government that is completely destroying our country. The price of keeping your mouth shut is higher than stepping forward at the end of the ride.

Doctors can play a big role in stopping this. It's about our future. Our country. Our children. This is what it's all about. We have to get out of this madness!

See the entire interview with Jasper and van Rijn here:


See the highlights in more than 10 minutes here:


Does Jaap van Dissel get up to speed again?

Jasper in conversation with Mordechai Krispin:

Jasper in conversation with Tinus Koops:


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