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Cryptocurrency: Investors Scammed for Millions

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That's bad luck! 240 million away

This past weekend has been difficult for some cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have lost all the money in their Trust Wallet due to a scam that gave the scammers access to their entire wallets.

The victims invested in efarms, a new cryptocurrency launched by elonfarms, operating with a Twitter account (@elonfarms), a website (, and a Telegram group (ElonFarms). All these accounts have been deleted or deactivated. Left with the northern sun.

Investors believed they had approved a transaction fee to claim the pre-sale of efarms coins after the pre-sale ended at midnight on April 23. They soon found out that they have been scammed. They found that the contract they accepted gave elonfarms access to their entire Trust Wallet instead of the amount they had committed. Many lost all their digital coins as a result.

Victims formed a telegram group on April 24, “ElonFarmsRugPool”, to discuss the next steps. The group gathered nearly 500 members in two days. Some kept track of where the balance of the various accounts their tokens were moved to.

A screenshot shows the total down payment of $ 725.489 shortly before the presale ended.

Another screenshot shows 2.979 members in the ElonFarms Telegram group.

After the presales and token losses, more joined the group, but owner and self-proclaimed ElonFarms CEO ElonChef closed the group and sent a meme to everyone. The far right screenshot shows the last question asked before the ElonFarms Telegram group was removed.


One account had a balance of more than $ 240 million and another had more than $ 30 million. These accounts have since been settled to $ 0.

In the crypto world, all accounts and transactions are public information. It's just that the account owners are anonymous. The number of people affected is unclear. Before the presale ended, elonfarms had attracted $ 725.000 in investment. According to a victim with the pseudo-name “Mr. Ray ', there were more than 3.000 investors in the Telegram group' ElonFarms'.



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