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Is the corona vaccine safe?

Are the corona vaccines safe?

Many people are terrified of the corona vaccine, others are not concerned about anything. There are a number of considerations that can be taken into account in the risk assessment of the vaccine.

It is evident that if the mRNA, as far as a new technique is concerned, has only been tested for a few months, no firm statements can be made about the long-term effects. Past attempts at a corona vaccine for animals have resulted in disastrous effects. Many a cat and ferret died a horrible death from an overreaction of the immune system. (1)

In addition, many people fear that there is something in the vaccine or even in the cotton swab for the PCR test that will knowingly, maliciously, lead to infertility or even death.

A number of arguments can indeed be given for this, which makes that scenario not unthinkable. First, it is important to be aware that the corona crisis has been staged worldwide. This can be deduced from the fact that there are only examples of corona being presented worse than it actually is. At the same time, there is not a single example where reality is more serious than media propaganda suggests.

Some examples of the exaggeration of the crisis are that initially only the CFR was discussed and the IFR was estimated, without substantiation, at 3,4% by the WHO and subsequently not studied for a long time. If the IFR was investigated, it was removed from the internet. (2) Of Neil Ferguson's 5 charts, the most dramatic was chosen by the politicians to justify a lockdown. The number of corona deaths is artificially kept high in every possible way. The PCR test clearly leads to many false positives. Much influenza is incorrectly referred to as corona. Effective treatment methods are withheld or blackened. The ineffectiveness of lockdowns and mouth masks is concealed on television in trade magazines.

The lie is thus evident and is performed in parallel worldwide. (3) A lie of this magnitude can only have the reason that there are enormous interests, for example a malicious target with the vaccine. An additional argument in favor of this is that Bill Gates' biography makes it clear that we are not dealing here with a benign philanthropist. He comes from a family of bankers who believed in eugenics, transhumanism and reducing the world's population. (4)

However, there are also arguments Tegen unpleasant side effects of the vaccine. There has been no corona pandemic in thousands of years and, quite coincidentally, in the two months leading up to the corona crisis, there is a dress rehearsal, well-known event 201. (5) This makes it clear that the whole scenario was already planned in advance. This also makes it plausible that a vaccine for a coronavirus may have been in the pipeline for some time and that the long-term effects may be possible. have been researched. Although claims for damages are turned against the taxpayer, they are not good for the image of the pharmaceutical industry and they want to avoid it.

Furthermore, it should be realized that Bill Gates is only a small boy on the world stage of power. The Rockefellers have been involved in vaccines since the beginning of 1901 and then founded the Rockefeller foundation in 1909. (6) Half of the pharmaceutical industry in America is now in the hands of the Rockefellers. (7) This eerily rich and powerful family mainly acts invisibly in the background but in reality they are in tight control. One can safely assume that Bill Gates is more of a minor accomplice of the Rockefellers than acting completely independently.

The goal of the Rockefellers seems mainly to be money, power and the creation of a New World Order. As part of these plans for world power, the plans for the Great Reset and 2030 agenda have been ready for years. Many government leaders are already talking about “build back better” and “sustainable development goals”, in line with this agenda. (3) This agenda has some goals such as making a profit on unnecessary vaccines, on crazy climate plans and also getting people under control. The pyramid scheme with the money system also became exhausted. The debt mountain should preferably collapse in a somewhat controlled manner, blaming corona for this.

In the plans of the Great Reset, vaccines that lead to serious side effects are inconsistent, because it is not in line with this agenda. It must be realized that the elite are afraid of the population. She sees the masses as a naive sleeping bear who should not wake up. With the current corona crisis, they are already poking the bear a bit. If, for example, 20% of the women become infertile due to the vaccines, the bear will wake up. There is a good chance that it will attack its guards aggressively. This probably means that the elite currently do not dare to take major risks with the vaccine.

Possibly the vaccines will be filled with something creepy in the future, but this can only be done once the bear is finally caged; when Calendar 2030 is completed and the New World Order is installed. The Rockefellers are also only human but have had to shield themselves from the people for centuries for fear of kidnapping or robbery. As a result, they have lost contact with the common man and the empathy for the mob will be comparable to the empathy we have for chickens in battery cages.

I myself do not stay the vaccine. I consider the risk of side effects to the vaccine many times greater than the side effects of a coronavirus, if the virus is still around at all. I also take supplemental vitamin D, which reduces my risk of dying to far below that of a flu. (8) Hugo de Jonge has forgotten to mention this advice for the time being.




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