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Is there really a conspiracy going on?

In 2018, Bill Gates announced a major pandemic was on the way. Did he know something we didn't know yet?

I recently spoke to someone about this but he reassured me: “Bill is always fighting diseases and pandemics worldwide. He just expressed his concern ”.

But yes, it does get a bit crazier when Dr. Anthony Fauci says such a thing. In 2017, he spoke the following words during a speech:

“There is no question there is going to be a challenge for the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases. There will be a surprise outbreak. There's no doubt in anyones mind about this ”.

How could Fauci know that there would be a sudden outbreak of an infectious disease during the Trump administration's 1st term?

Fauci is a renowned immunologist, and if he says these words as a general warning, I can understand that. But when he says that there will be an outbreak and that there is no doubt about it, his message suddenly appears in a different light when a few years later that 'surprise outbreak' actually takes place.

Fauci has been a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force since January, and by virtue of that position Trump's advisor (who, incidentally, is not very satisfied with Fauci).


In my column 'No one understands this….' I already mentioned 'Event 201', a simulation exercise of a global corona pandemic. The World Economic Forum (a very scary club), John Hopkins Institute (funded by …… Bill Gates) and The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation were the organizers of this event. A corona pandemic was simulated in the presence of government leaders, (pharmaceutical) companies, ministers, media companies and some billionaires. And when did this event take place? October 18, 2019 !!!

The conclusion of this exercise was that the whole world should be vaccinated with, of course, Bill's vaccines.

(for the web link: see footnote 1)



The Institute for Disease Modeling also made a prediction in 2018 that a virus would spread around the world from Wuhan. Could be because Wuhan has one of the largest virus labs in the world and an accident could happen there. However?

But guess who owns this 'institute for disease modeling' ………. From Bill and Melinda Gates.

Bill Gates is a seer, a visionary!

Bill has his tentacles in almost all vaccine manufacturing companies through patents. He will receive his royalties for every injection that will be given. And the goal is: the entire world population, twice a year an injection in the arm.

He has already mentioned that his investments in vaccines are going to be the most lucrative of his life. He made $ 100 billion with Microsoft. So consider what vaccines will give him.


Yes, Marcel, you have made many suggestions about conspiracies. But those are all just theories. Everything described above can be just coincidence. So much is said and written and called. Perhaps something will come out of this, but that does not mean that it is based on prior knowledge and / or vision. After all, a broken watch also indicates the correct time twice a day.


Covid-19: Covid- stands for 'corona virus disease' and 19 stands for the year 2019, when the disease was first discovered in China.

But could it be that in 2017 there were already people who knew that Covid-19 was coming? Could it be that in 2017, the governments of more than 100 countries around the world already knew that Covid-19 was coming?

Pay attention and shiver!

World Integrated Trade Solution is a database on which all international trade is registered. Organizers of this include The United Nations, The World Bank and the World Trade Organization.

In the overview below we can read which countries imported 'Medical Test Kits' (code 2017) in 300215. The largest importers were the European Union, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and Belgium. But in total there are more than 100 countries on the list.


Too small to read? Click on the image.




(for the web link: see footnote 2)

Yes, well what? You might say.

Code 300215, Medical Test Kits. so what?

But a month or so ago this same page looked like this:

Too small to read? Click on the image.




(for the web link: see footnote 3)

As you can see folks, in 2017 (and also in 2018) COVID-100 Test Kits, code 19, were ordered by more than 300215 countries in the world.

On the WITS website they quickly changed the description of code 300215, but fortunately in this time of data storage, the original information can always be found somewhere.

But there is more: Below is a (part of) the customs code list with Covid-19 medical products, drawn up by the World Health Organization in 2017. As you can see, all products are coded under the Harmonized System Nomenclature 2017 (HS 2017 ).


World Custums Organization

Prepared jointly with the World Health Organization (WHO

HS classification reference for Covid-19 medical supplies 2nd Edition

This replaces the previous edition of this list.


This list is provided as an indicative list only and only includes a limited number of items. It does not have legal status. Please consult with the relevant Customs administration in relation to classification at domestic levels (7 or more digits) or in the event of any discrepancy between their practice and this list.

All classifications are done under the current international HS - HS 2017.


Section I. COVID-19 Test kits / Instruments and apparatus used in Diagnostic Testing 2


Section I. COVID-19 Test kits / Instruments and apparatus used in Diagnostic Testing



Additional information

HS 2017



COVID-19 Test kits

Diagnostic reagents based on polymerase chain reaction (PCR) nucleic acid test.  



COVID-19 Test kits

Diagnostic reagents based on immunological reactions  


COVID-19 Diagnostic Test instruments and apparatus  

Instruments used in clinical laboratories for In Vitro Diagnosis




Swab and Viral transport medium set

A vial containing a culture media for the maintenance of a viral sample and a cotton tipped swab to collect the sample put up together  


(for the web link: see footnote 4)

The necessary commotion has already arisen as a result of this. Reuters and AP have been in contact with the World Bank and that was the reason to quickly change the product code description and to issue a statement that in 2017/18/19 these products were not Covid-19 products. However, the HS codes are revised once every 5 years. This last took place in 2017. I suspect that The Ministry of Truth has worked with all its might to change the descriptions all over the internet. But of course that does not work everywhere:

So Anthony Fauci knew, Bill Gates knew, the pharmaceutical industry knew, the heads of government and health ministers already knew in 2017: 2019/2020 will see a Covid-19 pandemic. Those vaccines that will be released soon will therefore not be put together within one year. They have been working on that for a few years.

If there are still people who are 'sleeping' and have faith in the dictators. Then now is the time to wake up. There is a Schedule going on here. And it's not going to stop after Covid-19.

Recently, Bill Gates has stated that an even more severe and deadly pandemic will soon come. In order to rule out discussions about whether or not the 'new virus' would develop naturally, he and Melinda have already stated that it will become an 'Engineered virus'.

In other words, a created virus.

I'd take his words seriously.

Marcel van Tol


Footnote 1: The Event201 website. Be sure to watch the 4th video in which the censorship that takes place today has already been prepared:

Footnote 2: The current WITS website, containing the import of 'Medical test kits':

Footnote 3: The same WITS website (archive), with the same import, but this time from 'Covid-19 test kits':

Footnote 4: The World Customs Organization with a full list of Covid-19 products compiled by WHO in 2017:


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