Wierd Duk? Strike away from journalist list

Is there really no one more?

Are there really no journalists in the Netherlands who are sincere and who are not controlled from above or driven by interests and / or money?

Fortunately, among all those corrupt crooks of the mainstream media who wrote us about this situation, are there always a few who dare to stand up and call the creature by name?

I do not follow everything but I think Marianne Zwagerman is such a person from what I have read .. Top woman! And there are a few who often call themselves right-wing journalists, although I don't really think much in these terms anymore. Yet another polarization while we are in the same boat.

But people like this, who dare to name what is going on in the Netherlands and especially outside the Netherlands so that it becomes clear what situation we are in, we need and therefore seem happy to be there. With a golden pen and hopefully with a golden heart.

Conspiracy theories

The problem I see is that these journalists are always lagging behind because they do not want to get burned by “conspiracy theories”. Plots are generally facts that are available but not happening before our eyes right now.

That is strange because people are speculating while writing on what this “corona crisis” could “possibly” lead to. Always looking ahead through scare stories from “De Kliek” that could happen but never actually happen.
But never look ahead to things that have been described for years by the protagonists themselves to see why all this is happening.

A year later, tweeting about conspiracy theories such as The Great Reset, Agenda2030, internment camps in New Zealand and Canada, compulsory vaccination, vaccination passports, an eternal duty to mask the mouth, a curfew and other atrocities that are now playing but were laughed off last year.

For example, next year they will tweet about things that they currently dismiss as “conspiracies” and in this way they will continue to lag behind or… they are no good. I want to start from the former.

How big should the lie be?

… Until anyone who wants to inform sincerely stands up?

We've been in a crisis for 15 months now and we've learned a lot.

All the spectacle of the media and of the politicians around it does not change the facts.

This is what we know:

The flu type influenza had a mortality rate, nationally and internationally, of about 0,15%. Figures WHO.
The flu type (cold flu, as Gommers calls it  (source) Covid has a mortality rate of 0,15%.

The influenza is gone.
There is no excess mortality worldwide and nationally.
States and countries that participated to a lesser extent, or not, in these measures do “it” much better.

The story ends here!

This is where the whole story ends to even think about a vaccine

Here journalism must intervene immediately and know that something is not right at all here.
This is where ALL the story ends when one arrives with one mRna vaccine against corona and even more so now it has been clearly demonstrated how many people this will cost their lives, will cost and how many people will suffer from it throughout their lives.

Not to mention the possible side effects in the future. Most people understand what an mRNA vaccine is and what options it offers a person alter!

I think this is an insult to anyone's intelligence but maybe these are your straws?

"The influenza is gone because of the measures."

Now I am assuming that no one is so short of that as to take that argument anyway seriously.

After all, of the 50 United States have 16 states did not participate most of these measures and that will be 21. all mixed up. North, South, East and West. This in addition to countries such as Sweden, states in Brazil and in all countries where measures were in place that we all know are violated thousands of times a day. But the influenza has completely disappeared ...

"More people died from corona than from vaccines."

If you continue to reason about that sentence, you will find out how stupid that statement is. A kindergarten teacher cannot get away from her class.

Do we all know what we are talking about here?

No. That's why we have journalists. The citizens have something else to do.

And what the hell do you see…? They just screw it up! 

The people you still had some hope for, also renounce very hard. Most journalists turn out to be completely limited.

Is this because they don't look beyond the country's border? Then you are indeed limited in your knowledge and you think that Dutch politics is the ceiling of power.

Then you dismiss the rest as conspiracy theory while you have never researched that conspiracy theory. You are not willing to find out how the world works and see the big picture, but you do express your opinion about it. May be, but not in these crucial times.

Yesterday we saw Wierd Duk speak out on twitter about the right and integrity of Michael Yeadon.



We also write about this man and not everything he expresses concerns about may necessarily be true.

We also write about Fuellmich and the tribunal that is being set up. Probably a conspiracy for many, as Nieuwsuur has not yet mentioned it and journalists we hope for are not half-awake people who want to be well informed again.

We show what politicians in Germany are experiencing and have to say about the plans of the German government that threaten to make the population completely dependent on, among other things, the mRna-covid vaccines as a weapon and new laws in the hands. (source)

You have to let the public see and hear such things.

What is and is not true, we will all have to find out with an open mind but first things first.

But what does Duk write in the Telegraph? That people mainly in disadvantaged neighborhoods "Vaccine suspicion" have. (source)

What idiocy.


The very first thing any rational honest journalist should do is publicly denounce the vaccination of healthy people against this cold virus. Shouting from the rooftops that it IS UNNECESSARY and can be LIFE AND NOTHING IS CLEAR what is in store for the long term because of this vaccine.

Injecting UNHEALTHY people has also been taken off the pot.

And what does Duk come up with? "Vaccine suspicion in disadvantaged neighborhoods". What are you doing, man?

Wierd, don't you really see what's happening in the world? Are you stupid or life-threatening? Do you realize what is at stake for all of us right now?

Don't you also see that Rutte is pushing tons of money to GAVI? You can also see that the chairman of the WHO is a criminal and that the WHO is pulling the strings and not our, on paper, government?

And get stuck in the left / right story. As if there is not enough polarization, partly thanks to the enormous bullshit articles that Duk publishes.

Go help your country!

If you still do not realize that something completely different is going on here than smokescreen corona and that those vaccines, for whatever reason, play a very large role in it, then I no longer understand anything about you.

Any other solution was immediately wiped out because a vaccine should only be used if there really is no alternative.

You would almost think that you are also a traitor.

Do you know what happens if no one gets vaccinated? Then their house of cards collapses. A house of cards that you would also like to see collapse? Well, you have hordes of people you can convince not to take this horror vaccine and thwart the governments plans.

A crime against humanity is unfolding before our eyes. You have to shout that from the rooftops. But you? You blow with all winds.

Or do you like a Great Reset?

The annoyance is that you allow such uninformed people to live and believe in the vaccine and virus fairytale. A crime if you do have the knowledge. Zum kotzen.

Forcing or blackmailing people to take a vaccine is criminal in all areas. And there you arrive with your gel * l in the room and talk about it as if the vaccine is something that is okay. Worthless.

Stand up against this injustice, stand up against this completely twisted madness and stand up against the downfall of our country!


You could also have answered instead of blocking us. 



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