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Is this news? (Rectification!) "Beware of False Prophets"

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When something is presented as news, you assume that there is a piece of reporting or journalism done there!
On July 22, the article appeared under this heading entitled: Beware of False Prophets! (- Carl Popper) from Ferry Mahler, which has caused quite a stir!

This article is by no means under the news, this article has put a lot of bad blood on me (Chris Collard) and a number of other readers and why?
This article does imaging and puts the person Willem Engel away in a certain way through suggestive manipulation, this should have been placed as a column at the most.

In a column, the writer has his own freedoms to show his vision, but of course there are also certain rules of the game, if one works with facts
of course nothing to criticize about it, but when something is placed under “new” and this turns out to be just a rooting in the past, something is seriously wrong with it!

Be the Resistance occupies itself with putting many people in a bad light, they sow divisions among the population, while unity is the only real solution
are unwilling to focus on goals like a Virus Madness does.

From that perspective this article was also written by Ferry Mahler, portraying Willem Engel as Rastafari surrounded by a number of vagueness and images that even suggest the suggestion.
possibly arouse that he is controlled opposition and hates the white population?

By posting this as news, CSTV has done itself enormous damage, to make this very clear I have thrown in the towel and indicated that I no longer
I want to continue this basis as a columnist, if this rectification in its entirety is put under news by Danny, then I would like to reconsider and otherwise it is
end exercise and I turn my back on Common Sense TV!

Of course everyone can have their opinion, but to cooperate with someone who brings manipulative suggestions as news, I can not go through a door, news should be
facts and not fiction, I want to leave it at that.

Kind regards, Chris Collard.


Of course we will post this, Chris. I don't see any reason why not.

Spread the freedom!

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