London ISIS supporter for life for plans of 2nd 9/11

We need a 9/11 2.0

A man from East London was jailed on Tuesday for planning a terrorist attack, the Metropolitan Police said.

The name is Sahayb Aweys Munye Abu, a 27-year-old wanna-be rapper. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 19 years by the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales.

The jury ruled that Abu was guilty of preparing terrorist acts on March 12. Four of Abu's half-siblings were found to be previously involved with ISIS.

His younger half-brothers, Wail and Suleyman Aweys, were murdered after they left the UK in 2015 to fight with the ISIS terror group in Syria. (source)

Sahayb Aweys Munye Abu

His elder half-brother Ahmed Aweys, elder half-sister Asma Aweys and her partner Abdulaziz Abu Munye were captured in 2019 for terrorism-related crimes including sharing ISIS material in a family chat group, in which Asma Aweys called singer Ariana Grande “the devil” after her Manchester Arena concert was the target of a terrorist attack.

Abu was arrested on July 9, 2020 after ordering weapons, equipment and clothing online to prepare for an attack.

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He posted a message in a chat group on the same day saying: "We need a 9/11 2.0", referring to the September 11, 2001 attack when four planes hijacked by Al-Qaeda terrorists crashed into the Twin Towers. Center, the Pentagon and one in a field in Pennsylvania.

Although the planners of attack 1.0 are probably still walking around freely and are not Muslims. But that's an opinion.

MI5 and police have been investigating Abu since March 2020 after "concerns were raised about Abu's extremist mindset". (source)

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For several weeks in May and June 2020, Abu inquired about some standout products and purchased a number of items that gave researchers cause for further concern: a lock knife, a ballistic vest, two balaclavas (almost mandatory in supermarkets today), fingerless gloves, a bucket hat with camouflage print and face cover. But that is mandatory nowadays.

Finally he bought a large sword that he asked to be sharpened. (source)

According to The Telegraph, the sword is 45 inches long. (source)

These pictures have nothing to do with the corona measures in England. They are similar items that Abu allegedly bought before his planned attack.



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