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In 2015, then 15-year-old Shamima Begum traveled with two friends on the passport of her older sister from the United Kingdom to marry a Syrian fighter.

When she left, the then interior minister, Sajid Javid, immediately withdrew her British citizenship in.

Shamima says that he was tricked by ISISmatchmaker Tooba Gondal (26). Gondal linked British girls to ISIS terrorists via social media.

Photo: Marriage broker Tooba Gondal with and without makeup

Tooba Gondal begged with hanging legs to be able to return to the UK with her ISIS children.

In 2019, Shamima Begum, again heavily pregnant, was found in a refugee camp al-Hol.

She diligently made her way back to the UK and started from British tax money, one lawsuit against the state.

£ 30.000 tax money later (about 33.000 euros) and many hurdles later, she wins the lawsuit !!!

'Goodness and justice wegen heavier than facts and national security concerns. That is why Shamima must be allowed back into the country, ”he said Lord Justice Flaux, the judge who made the decision.

That is why Begum may STILL return to the United Kingdom, although she does not necessarily get her citizenship back. But that wouldn't matter in the end:

'Once here, we can never send her away again. Certainly not to a war zone like Syria. '

A Interior Ministry spokesman said he is concerned:

“This is an extremely disappointing court decision. We will appeal against this decision, also to limit the effect it will cause. '

There are concerns that this statement will open the door wide for more ISIS brides and their brainwashed children.

Photo: Shamima Begum

Letting her, and other ISIS brides, in is not a danger to national security fended off even when we use a remarkable amount of resources, ”adds Sajid Javid.

And in February, Britain said nothing to do for the 30 British women who have traveled, also because there is no British consulate in Syria.

IS orphans were allowed already coming back to the UK.

Shamima Begum's two school friends died in a bombing in Syria.

Photo: Family of Shamima B.egum

Earlier, the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) ruled that the decision to take her citizenship off completely justified used to be:

'Shamima Begum actually comes from Bangladesh. So actually Bangladesh should take her back.

But Bangladesh refused to cooperate.

Shamima Begum has decided to leave the UK to embark on an adventure in Syria by marrying an ISIS fighter and joining the terrorist organization. As a result, she lost her passport. Why isn't that just? '.

But nevertheless, apparently there are those who think ISIS brides should come back!

She was married to a terrorist of Dutch nationality, Arnhemmer Yago Riedijk.

Photo: Terrorist Yago Riedijk

All their children died of starvation, according to Begum himself.

She sewed suicide jackets together and was active in Syria for more than three years. Yet Shamima Begum must be given a chance to 'her clear name', the court finds.


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