Isolation order for Flemings who do not observe house arrest

Belgians in Flanders who receive a positive PCR test result and afterwards refuse to go into quarantine are now forced to do so via an isolation or quarantine order.

That is the answer to the Minister of Welfare in the Flemish government Wouter Beke (CD&V) to a question from N-VA Member of Parliament Lorin Parys.

In Flanders meanwhile 36 isolation orders and 12 quarantine orders issued, Beke reports.

The legal possibility for people with a infectious disease te force isolation has existed for some time, but such an order was issued until before the corona crisis ampere issued.

According to Beke, isolation or quarantine orders are only issued after a whole series of steps have been taken.

That's how refusers become first sensitized en motivated to stay home anyway.

'This ladder from raising awareness and motivating to urge and eventually compulsion works very well in practice,' says Beke.


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