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Israel's ex-Prime Minister Ehud Barak spotted on pedophile island

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Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak has been accused of being a pedophile.

He has penetrated underage teens on the orgy island of the late Jefrrey Epstein.

This claim is made by Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

She is the chief prosecutor in the Epstein case and the above was written in a sealed testimony.

The testimony was intentionally made public by Alan M. Dershowitz, Epstein's longtime lawyer and best buddy, to divert attention from Dershowitz himself's participation in child trafficking and sex sacrifice parties.

It was an attempt to clear his name 'Dershowitz' of all blame.

Because, according to Dershowitz, the sealed testimony discredits Virginia Giuffre, since all the high-ranking figures Giuffre mentions herself said they were innocent and were free from any guilt.

Virginia Giuffre would therefore no longer be credible now, because she would have lied when pointing out the suspects.

As if Prince Andrew would ever admit he's a pedophile !!!

But all Alan Dershowitz has achieved is that with the breaking of the seal, he has now thrown in even more dirty names.

One of the dirtiest of which is Ehud Barak.

Barak also received millions of dollars from the Wexner Foundation supposedly as donations or investments.

Epstein was an asset manager at Wexner.

An asset manager focuses specifically on making real estate as attractive as possible financially.

Epstein also paid millions of dollars privately to Barak's bank account.

Last in 2015.

The fact that Virginia Giuffre is also out for financial gain and as a young girl was already richly rewarded for her industry in the form of luxury holidays, gifts and dollar bills, does not alter the fact that Andrew and Ehud are legally pedophiles and responsible for that fact may be asked.

Epstein himself died in 2019. The official lecture is suicide by hanging. His team of lawyers disputes that.

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