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How far can a government go?

A column about politics and economics in the corona era.

We should actually live in a democracy. We ourselves voted for this government.

Yes right?

(I am not sure because I have not participated in the election puppet show for 18 years. For really thorough political knowledge and wisdom you have to go to Karel Nuks and Rients Hofstra (footnotes 1 and 2))

You may have voted for this administration. Or at least a majority of the voters have. But what does that make them? Are they your boss, are you the slave? Or do we pay them royally to manage our interests, our affairs as well as possible?

When can we still speak of a democracy and when can we speak of a dictatorship? Where is the boundary?

The government now determines whether or not you can meet your family and friends. They determine whether or not you can leave your home. They determine whether or not you can go somewhere. They determine that you must wear a muzzle. They determine what information you may take. Are you propagating an opinion that differs from their story: Censorship. Flavio Pasquino, an exceptionally gifted interviewer, was visited by the police after conducting a critical interview with someone. Children's parties are visited by a police army. Young people who get together face fines and arrests. Because they are criminal? Here a few people were handing out flyers. (I don't know what was on the flyer). But check out what happens:

And they will soon also determine that you must have a syringe put in your arm… .. You think there is a motion banning compulsory vaccines? Well Mark and Hugo have found a nice trick for that: The emergency law that gives them supremacy.


When can you speak of a dictatorship?

Here in Peru, a coup took place recently and it was close to whether overnight the country would change from a corrupt mock democracy to an even more corrupt real dictatorship. They had already started shooting protesters by the police.

Only the military refused to participate in the dirty games and the army leadership declared that they were behind the Peruvian people and not the self-appointed new president. A new Venezuela had been avoided in the nick of time.

But just look what is happening in the Netherlands (and in many other European countries). It is not an overnight coup d'état. Here it goes subtle. We'll take this away from you and wait. We'll take that from you and wait. We'll take sister from you and wait. We'll take it away from you and wait. We are being tricked gently.

Imagine falling asleep a year ago and waking up now. And you would see what governments worldwide are all up to. And you would then delve into the how and why of this… ..

Then you would call them all crazy and revolt violently.

And do you really think that they will soon give up this power? That they will soon say to you and me: “Yes, from now on you can do what you want again”. Cozy get together. “And get rid of those muzzles, what nonsense”.

If you think so, then I have a sad announcement for you: That is not going to happen.

Just think what happened after 9/11 at the airports. You are no longer allowed to take your bottle of water with you, because that is criminal and dangerous to life. But around your bottle of water, a multibillion-dollar industry has built up, harassing you with their nonsense when you arrive at the airport. Incredibly expensive equipment has been purchased to scan your body, but then some backward working student has to touch your body. I always ask those crazy people whether such a scanning device costs a lot of money. And they always confirm that to me. "Well, then it is a bit of a waste of money if you have to scan my body with your dirty hands". The same goes for your briefcase or purse. It is also scanned with expensive (radioactive) equipment, but the briefcase still has to be opened and idiots come to empty your briefcase with their gloves and scan it with a rod, because they could not find a water bottle.

We are now almost 20 years later. In those 20 years, nothing at all serious terroristically has happened in aviation. Is that due to their fantastic measures? No, it's because that 9/11 was a one-time event. And whoever or whatever was behind it, I have no idea or opinion about that, but if they want to hijack planes again, they will succeed.

Am I against security? No of course not. But I am against idiocy. You must consider every risk that you can rule out. What is the advantage of the risk reduction and what is the disadvantage of the risk reduction.

Based on the Phase 3 results from Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca, I had calculated that the chance of getting infected and contracting covid-19 is unbelievably small. With direct exposure to the sars-cov-2 virus, less than 1% of people become infected and contract the disease. See my column “How do these puzzle pieces fit together” (3) A passage:


The studies by Pfizer, ModeRNA and AstraZeneca show that exposure to large groups of people of the SARS-CoV-2 virus hardly causes infections. In AstraZeneca (12.000 placebo participants) 110 people (0,84%) became infected. At Pfizer (21.830 placebo participants), 162 people were infected. That is 0,74%. And at Moderna, with 15.000 placebo participants, the 'score' was the lowest. Only 0,67% of the participants became infected.

Please understand this well: All of these people have been deliberately brought into contact with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and hardly anyone contracts covid-19 as a result. What is this about? This vaccine and all these nonsense measures are not necessary for anything.


Someone responded to my calculations and stated that exposure to the virus is almost no danger. The person disagreed with me and compared it to a school crossing. An imaginary test was done. Children crossed a road to school with no speed bump 20.000 times, and another group of children crossed a road to school with speed bump 20.000 times. In the test group with a threshold there were 8 incidents and in the test group without a threshold there were 162. The lady who wrote to me found this proved that all measures and vaccinations should take place to avoid those 162 incidents. But of course that comparison makes no sense. Building a threshold is a simple act and does not destroy the economy and wellbeing of a few billion people.

Lately there has been a lot of talk about whether the remedy is worse than the disease.

I always laugh a little scornfully when I hear such discussions. "The cure is worse than the disease" is an expression that I use when it hangs a bit. If you can make a reasonable decision about this.

But wrecking the whole world economy, wrecking the lives of many people, both financially and spiritually, wrecking businesses, saddling the world with even more debt, violating fundamental rights, all kinds of regimes that pass laws that you and I didn't ask for but actually bring about dictatorships ….

That is not a reasonable consideration on the one hand ……

…… .as the other side is that we are dealing with a severe flu.

Some people get sick, some people die. I don't have to repeat the numbers here. These have been widely discussed so often. It is important to know that there is little or no excess mortality in the world. So statistically we can say that there is not much going on. That does not alter the fact that there is of course individual suffering. A good friend of mine also died with covid. But deaths always happen.

So the cure is worse than the disease, that's a trash in this one. Atom bombs are fired to kill a mouse.

And in reality, the government doesn't even know if that mouse actually exists. Whether it is walking around. Those are all just assumptions.


What amazes me is that in this corona hoax most of the population has full confidence in the government. The Dutch, Belgians and especially Peruvians, who are otherwise full of suspicion towards that bunch of charlatans, liars and cheaters, that's what we cling to now. How is that possible? It is of course true that the followers of and the 'believers' in the government are predominantly the people with the government jobs, semi-government, non-profit sectors, the medical industry and perhaps the stakeholder in a few heavily subsidized industries. People who can stay at home and continue to receive their salary at the end of the month. The MPs now also prefer to stay at home. They have promised Geert Wilders that they will not watch Netflix then extremely hard will work… ..


Among the non-believers you will mainly find people whose job or company is at risk. The people whose lives and well-being are threatened by a bunch of idiots with their retarded games.


Here in Peru, after all the political turmoil, the craziness has largely come to an end.

After the shops and restaurants, discotheques, casinos, cinemas and theaters will soon be opening their doors again. From December 15 even the airport will open completely again and we can finally go home again. Only the muzzle obligation remains, but otherwise normal life could resume here. I say: you can!

Because in practice, Peru has changed from a country with a booming emerging economy into an economic mess in 10 months. The estimates are that the economy has shrunk by 40% on an annual basis. The street scene confirms this. Restaurants and shops have been allowed to open for some time, but about half of these shops and restaurants are still closed. And that will not change with the cinemas, casinos and discotheques. Earlier I thought this might be out of fear that they would stay closed. I now know better. Many companies are simply bankrupt. Many people have lost their jobs. The streets are overrun with beggars. There are again violent demonstrations in Peru and this time the response is brutal if the police want to intervene. The violence that the police recently used against protesters is still fresh in the Peruvians' memory. Now the police get a biscuit of the same dough. These demonstrations are of the people who have no job, no money, no life.


In general, governments have little knowledge of economics.

That's because most government officials have never worked at a real company, let alone founded and / or managed one.

Al Gore blazed last week that the corona and climate crisis was a great opportunity to create millions of new jobs.

Create jobs? We have heard this nonsense before. The government should be concerned with a good infrastructure and a good business climate for companies, easy procedures, civil servants who assist entrepreneurs in obtaining permits and the like. That, instead of making it difficult, thwarting, frustrating, driving away or prohibiting entrepreneurs in every possible way. You create jobs with a healthy economy and a facilitating government. Bureaucratic and dictatorial opposition only creates poverty.

During this hoax, the governments are only busy doing even more economic damage. But soon they will create jobs! And that will be the same as all the times before. More rules, more supervisors, more BOAs, more committees, more civil servants, more working groups.

That is not creating jobs, it boils down to: We let someone dig a hole and another fill that hole again. And then the government can pat itself on the back and say that they have helped 2 people find work. And you can pay again.


Just a short course in economics:

The basis of an economy is agriculture and industry. The farmer sows his seeds and with the help of nature he can later harvest products and sell them to the supermarket. The steel factory mines the iron ore and turns it into steel and iron that they can sell to the car factory, which in turn turns it into cars. A bit simple, but that is the process of added value. Essential in these processes is the wealth that Mother Earth offers us. That is the 'free' input that forms the basis of the added value process.

“But yuck! Those farmers stink and those factories pollute! You know what, let's drive farmers and industry away and become a services economy ”. Such is the Dutch (and European) economic policy.

Something like that can only be invented by idiots who have absolutely no understanding of economics. The service sector can only exist thanks to agriculture and industry. A service sector does not create added value, but is essentially a cost item.

If no food is grown and no steel is produced, then nothing needs to be transported, then nothing needs to be financed, then nothing needs to be insured, then no accounting needs to be carried out and have we also don't need any advertising agencies.

"But all that production can be moved to low-wage countries, right?" That is how it is reasoned.

Yes, part of that could be if we had full employment. But that is not the case. Even if labor in a low-wage country would cost 10 cents an hour, it would still be more expensive than letting people in their own country do nothing at home instead of doing that labor for a fee.

The Chinese have understood this well a long time ago. In the past 20 years, a healthy combination of manufacturing and service sectors has emerged in China and China is well on its way to becoming the most important economic player worldwide. Moreover, China has become a prosperous and ultra-modern country. Regardless of what else you may think of China and the Chinese government… ..

Donald Trump was also aware of this and he has worked hard to get the manufacturing industry back to his own country. That was the cornerstone of his slogan: Make America Great Again. (But yes, sleepy Joe is going to wipe out these efforts).

In Europe there are a few crying out in the desert about the corona hoax and about the economic decline. But these callers are ignored. Within the unwieldy bureaucratic drama administration, there is really no one who understands these kinds of economic processes. Just more levels of government, more supervisors and civil servants, more stifling rules, that is the European trend that has been going on for more than 20 years.

And the basis of the economy? Do you remember, agriculture and industry, we see that ship slowly go down ...


Footnote 1, column Karel Nuks:


The genie is out of the bottle: The dictatorship is a fact



Footnote 2, column Rients Hofstra:

Confusion of concepts

Footnote 3, column:

How do these puzzle pieces fit together?


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