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Jaap van Dissel can report to the Palace of Justice

Doctors revolt against the RIVM

Virologist Jaap van Dissel may report to the Palace of Justice on 23 October 2020.

The charge reads:

Many, many more lives are lost to the lockdown than will ever be saved.
The Hippocratic oath has thus been exceeded: Primum non Nocere.
Insurance doctor van Rijn has filed the complaint.


Yesterday Dr. van Rijn guest at Weltschmerz:

More from Dr. van Rijn (Insurance doctor)

Is Corona actually worse than the flu?


Drs. C. Van Rijn - Insurance doctor: Is Corona actually worse than the flu?

Proven again:


A lockdown is pointless.


Proven again: A Lockdown is useless.


Mail exchange Dr. van Rijn with the RIVM


Mail exchange Drs. C. van Rijn (Insurance Doctor) and the RIVM

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