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Janet Ossebaard, true or false?

SEE FIRST VIDEO of Janet Ossebaard: 


When we look at the enormous success of the three videos that Janet Ossebaard posted on the internet, it can safely be said that she has raised something very dubious.

In Great Britain there was a plea for a translation of these three videos spoken in Dutch, they also want to know from the hat and the edge what is really going on with regard to the Covid-19 virus.

Obviously there are several sources that clearly indicate that there is something completely wrong with that so-called contamination by a plate of bat soup, which I would like to warn my readers for is this:

Now there is still fear and panic in the affected countries among the population, but please note, this was also the intention from the outset, this cultured virus aims to break our resistance and to be vaccinated en masse against this virus and assume that that so-called antibody will come soon, I even suspect that it has already been there for a long time, but that is exactly the reason, so take a good look at these videos, you do not have to believe everything by me, I also have my skepticism about some things, but what this virus shows and the purpose behind it regarding vaccinations I will certainly not be vaccinated voluntarily!

I don't feel like injecting mercury or other junk into my body, those Bill Gates and associated pharmacists should first be thoroughly examined.


I personally think this movie is the best of the three, people as one Bill Gates behave like untouchables he apparently feels like a god because of all his power = money and behaves accordingly, it has taken too long with people like Epstein, yes with money there is a lot to buy, but it is It is high time that certain people were taken to court or a tribunal to rule out such situations once and for all, with Bill Gates that will be no different.

Actually, things like Covid-19, the refugees on the Greek border with Turkey and the problems in Spain with Catalonia have long shown us that we have absolutely no use for an EU, we are much better off without and our own beans would be much better can cap, so the Netherlands back to a sovereign state!

Since there is a huge chance that these videos will be removed, I used this double option, because the EU censorship is huge, this lockdown has multiple purposes and there are people like a Janet ossebaard a huge threat to, these videos have become a huge hit on YouTube, because here one can see that globalism is a complete disaster for our democracy, for me most of what Janet Ossebaard is saying here is the hard truth, see these people as resistance fighters, we are occupied by a foreign power, we have been living for about fifteen years in what can best be described as a demo dictatorship, in the next video I have even more faith, than in what Bill Gates wants us to do later smear, people wake up and resist, one Nexit NOW!


Chris Collard.

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