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Is Joe Biden going to debate with Trump?

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The US presidential election is getting closer, 92 more days and then the Americans will go to the polls. The candidates are now more or less known: for the Republicans the current President Donald Trump, and for the Democrats Obama's Vice President Joe Biden.

Now that the elections are getting closer, it is also time to discuss the debates. Normally there are three debates between the leaders of both parties.

Is Joe Biden going to debate with Trump?

There are now pleas in the U.S. media for Joe Biden not to debate President Trump. There is also talk of completely deleting the debates. In June, an op-ed in the The Washington Post:

"It's time to rethink the presidential debates."

The current format is “unsustainable” and “old-fashioned”.

Columnist Karen Tumulty has offered a few suggestions on how to improve the debates, such as removing the live audience and keeping them in a television studio. Just like Spain does. Taking it out of the public eye would make it harder for Trump to "play stunts," referring to his invitation to accusers of Bill Clinton to the debate with Hillary Clinton.


While some still offer suggestions for continuing the debate, New York Time columnist Thomas Friedman takes a completely different path.

“I am concerned about Biden debating with Trump. He should only argue under two conditions. Otherwise he will give Trump unfair advantages. ” - Thomas Friedman

According to Friedman, those conditions should be the following:

  • Trump has to make his tax returns public from 2016 to 2018; and
  • Have a live fact-checking team checked at the debate by the impartial Commission for Presidential Debates.

“10 minutes before the scheduled end, this team will report misleading statements, incorrect numbers or gross lies spoken by both candidates. In this way, no one in the general public can be misled. ”

“Debates always have ground rules. Why can't truth-telling and equal transparency be a precondition for this one? ” Friedman wondered.

Cancel completely

The debate will not be a good way for Biden to "reintroduce" himself to the American people, precisely because of the COVID-19 pandemic, when he went into hiding in his Delaware basement and made only prepared statements. He also no longer answers questions.

"He wouldn't give benefits to Trump at such an important time," Friedman wrote. "Trump is doing poorly in the polls, and he needs the debates a lot more than Biden to convince the floating voter."

Trump should pay the price through transparency and partisan fact-checks. "Universal principles that will level the playing field"

CNN political analyst and former Bill Clinton spokesman Joe Lockhart went way beyond Friedman. He made a plea for Biden to skip the debates completely.

He wrote in a piece entitled: “Joe Biden can still lose the election"That the" benefits of not participating are greater than the resistance he would receive if he did. "

Trump has now made more than 20.000 misleading or false statements, according to the Washington Post. It's a foolish message to enter the ring with someone who can't follow the rules or the truth ”Lockhart wrote. “Biden will no doubt take the heat from Republicans and the media for skipping the debates. But it is worth the risk. Because it is impossible to argue with someone who is incapable of telling the truth. ”

The New Republic, a left-wing publication has even suggested the remove debates forever from the election battle. For the reason: they do not inform the public and only feed the media with cannon.

What Biden will do is not yet clear. But it is a possibility!

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