Media: "Trump transfers power to Biden!"

Celebratory headlines in the mainstream media today!


Trump is defeated!

You could even read:

"Donald Trump has turned power over to Biden!"

Where does this come from?

Media are networks of activists who want to impose a certain perception of the world on you because of their agenda and own interests. They do this, for example, by not setting things out in a balanced way for you, but by turning it so that it creates a different truth.

Don't confuse the media with journalism. Journalists used to work in the mainstream media, but those days are over.

And that in itself is not so bad. But many people lack an alarming amount of motivation to look for themselves. And so we are in the most absurd situation you can imagine.

Threats to Emily Murphey, her family and even her pets

<br><br>Donald Trump has the The General Services Administration GSA Emily Murphey did not oppose her job. She was personally threatened and feared for her family.

By official letter, Ms. Murphy wrote: "To be clear, I have not received any direction to delay my decision."

"However, I did receive threats online, by phone, and by mail targeting my safety, my family, my staff and even my pets in an attempt to force me to make this decision early." (source)

Emily Murphey - GSA chief received threats.

Ms. Murphy also says she had not been pressured by the White House to delay the formal transition.

<br><br>Donald Trump

Donald Trump believes that she should do her job and that this transfer does not affect the outcome of this fraud investigation.

Donald Trump does not want to break the law. He uses his rights to dismantle this elite in lieu of violence, intimidation and lawlessness.


Sidney Powell says it will be “biblical,” such a big climax when everything comes out.


Remember, Sidney Powell is not on the Trump team. She fights on her own initiative to empty the cesspool completely. For years she has had enough of what she sees happening and this is her moment. She seems like an incredibly brave woman who will not give up and is very confident. We are going to see where that ends. She is certainly in contact with the Trump team, but is wrongly called "Trump's lawyer".

A lot of people seem to have no idea how dangerous it is in the United States to admit that you support Trump.

Democrats keep lists of people who have backed Trump so they can be turned down for work or other essentials. And there are literally no more rules among the Dems and the supporters. Antifa and BLM have received carte blanche from the Democrats and the media. A Trump sticker on your car is not recommended. You better keep your mouth shut at school.

Order here!

So many people outside America, such as in the Netherlands, think they hope that Donald Trump loses, but do not know that this man is also there to defend their freedom. They have no idea what's going on. About the violence. About the intimidation. Nothing, but nothing goes too far.

Because this man wants to expose corruption and fight for the freedom of humanity. That's where that obsessive hatred comes from, because a lot of heads start to roll and their eternal world of money and power is over.

The majority realized that for once.

The fraud is there. Don't let the media drive you crazy!

Have a look at these channels. For real about this election fraud and the corona hysteria.
One America News Network:

We want to know the truth. And everyone should want to know that. The same is true about corona.

Donald Trump on Twitter

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