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Judge demands new elections. 78% (!) Of votes by post INVALID

Voting by post causes one thing: Misery!

A judge in Mississippi ordered new elections to a local election in Aberdeen after more than three-quarters of the vote by mail in the June Democratic election turned out to be invalid. The notary has been arrested.

Judge Jeff Weill said in a 64-page sequence that there is evidence of fraud and criminal activity in how postal ballots were handled, how they were counted, and actions taken by individuals at polling stations during the second round in Aberdeen, Mississippi. As a result, a new second election for the Ward 1 alderman seat is necessary, the WCBI reported.

The judge ruled that 66 out of 84 absentee ballots that were cast in the election, or about 78 percent, according to the WCBI should never have been counted. Nicholas Holliday was declared the winner of the alderman's chair by 37 votes, while challenger Robert Devaull contested the result in court.

"The court is of the opinion that there is a probable cause that several persons involved in the disturbances during election day at the polling station 'deliberately and corrupted' one or more of the above-mentioned criminal statutes." thus the judge.

"The court will leave it to the competent authorities to determine whether the actions of Maurice Howard, Henry Randle and S. Nicholas Holliday amounted to criminal offenses", according to the court files  , referring to Police Chief Henry Randle and former Mayor Maurice Howard, who said to Weill that they were implicated in harassment and bullying at polling stations on election day, according to evidence.

Notary Public Dallas Jones. (Monroe County Sheriff's Department)

There are still many investigations and cases pending regarding the national elections of last November 3, 2021, which, when you add the numbers and statistics and the proven fraud, was won by Trump. But then also a lot of money. He received the most votes a US President has ever received. Another nearly 10 million more than in 2016. Not counting the hidden votes.

But Biden broke that record again. Do you believe it? Statistically it is in any case impossible and the spikes in the middle of the night of hundreds of thousands of votes for Biden and not one for Trump are also unexplainable and statistically impossible. Then Dominion… well, we know.

Raquel Rodriguez is another mega fraudster:

The former Congress Volunteer who with a hidden camera was recorded and said she could cast thousands of votes for tens of thousands of dollars. 

Rodriguez became arrested in January and faced four charges.

She was recorded last October by journalists working undercover for Project Veritas.

In the video, Rodriguez visits an elderly woman and appears to be helping her change her ballot by mail from Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) to Democrat challenger MJ Hegar.

Rodriguez then gave the 72-year-old lady a gift bag with a scarf. According to the warrant, the same kind of gift bags have been found in Rodriguez's home office.

On Oct. 29, the Texas Attorney General's office began an investigation into the Bexar County Election Office. Another example is the case in NJ City. 

Michael Jackson, 49, and Alex Mendez, 45, face a variety of charges, including electoral fraud, fraud in processing postal votes, tampering with public records and unauthorized possession of ballots. according to a statement of the New Jersey Attorney General 's office. (source)

There are still dozens of examples, but many things are still ongoing and we do not want to get ahead of them.

Voting by post will irrevocably cause misery!

Read that article here:

Texas woman arrested for electoral fraud


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