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Judges: PCR unreliable. Lockdown and quarantine is “illegal detention”

“PCR-Test cannot determine corona. A doctor is needed to explain the disease. Quarantines abolished. ” say the judges.

In addition, quarantines will be abolished immediately and the PCR test is no longer valid. Only doctors are allowed to make the diagnosis.

The judges have enough evidence that the PCR is almost always false positive or false negative.

That is the ruling of the Lisbon Court of Appeal in Ponta Delgada and several judges in the country.
The Lisbon Court of Appeal states that a PCR test cannot establish a valid diagnosis of Covid-19.

"Only a doctor can diagnose this or any other disease.", say two judges from the court's 3rd criminal division. (source)

On August 20, 4 German persons were MANDATORY put in quarantine. Even then, a judge in Ponta Delgada ruled that this was “illegal deprivation of liberties” and they had to be released IMMEDIATELY on August 27. (source)

In the specific case, the four tourists were never contacted by telephone in their language, let alone a doctor "Which is frankly inexplicable given the alleged severity of the infection", underlines the verdict.

Apart from the quarantines of the four Germans, these isolations also happened at the national level. These too have been declared illegal (source)

“Politicians do not decide who will be quarantined for medical reasons. Only a doctor can recommend it and a judge can assign it. ”

This amounts to illegal imprisonment

"No one can be declared ill or dangerous to health by decree or law, not even as an automatic administrative consequence of the result of a laboratory test, regardless of the type."

A medical diagnosis is a medical act for which only a doctor is legally authorized and for which that doctor is solely and fully responsible. No other person or institution, including any government agency or court, has such authority. It is not the job of the regional health authority to declare someone sick or dangerous. Only a doctor can do this. No one can be declared ill or dangerous to health by decree or law, not even as an automatic administrative consequence of the result of a laboratory test, regardless of the type. (source)

The court wondered since when is it up to a court or politicians to make clinical diagnoses, on their own initiative and based on the final results of a test (proven unreliable)?

“Since when is the diagnosis of a disease made by decree or by law? Since the applicant has more than one duty to notify, a diagnosis is a medical act and therefore the sole responsibility of a doctor. ”

Politicians and health institutions have no right to take away freedoms

The judge says about this: "You may be in isolation if this measure is determined by the health authority when you have been diagnosed with COVID 19 and if the attending physician assesses you and says you do not need hospitalization". The government is therefore excluded from this and should not have any say in this. (source)

“And even then, the health authority does not have the power to take away someone's freedoms. A doctor or health institution can diagnose the disease, but it is still up to the judge to recommend isolation. ”

"The standards invoked by the GGD, which supported the applicants' deprivation of liberty through a report of prophylactic isolation, are non-binding administrative guidelines for applicants", they argue in the judgment. In other words: isolation or other measures imposed by a doctor or a medical administrative entity is not binding, only an advice that can be reviewed by the judge.

This is the same ruling as that of the various Azores courts of first instance issued habeas corpus in other cases, as well as the ruling used by the Constitutional Court in an identical case, in which it considered mandatory quarantine for tourists in the region as a illegal detention(source)

Judges at Ratton Palace say this is imposing isolation “is in no way justified because it looks like a short prison sentence with perhaps even more serious measures than a convicted offender. Prisoners are still allowed to play sports. People in isolation are not, is one of the examples added by the judges. ”

PCR Test Illegal Way to Determine Corona

This judgment would huge legal implications Portugal have to have. The PCR test is an unrecognized way of detecting Corona, and so a body that requires people to isolate themselves is guilty of “wrongful imprisonment”.

The It is also to be expected that courts in other EU countries could also use these judgments as an opportunity to address the scientific basis that was decisive for these judgments.

Interesting: As we can see from the development of the pandemic in Italy, it was only the PCR tests and subsequent official measures leading to a massive increase in deaths, both with and without infection. Covid-19 diseases and SARS infections have been diagnosed in Italy from summer 2019 long before it was known what it was. (source) (source)

The can now be expected that courts in other EU countries will have to take over these rulings.

This as an opportunity to address the scientific basis that was decisive for these statements. 

Ex-Pfizer Chief Science Officer criticizes the PCR test and suspects immunity

PCR test results are a created illusion and group immunity has presumably been built up for a long time. (source)

This can be seen in the number of deaths who die from Corona. Negligible and only a final push for mostly elderly people with serious conditions.

Dr. Mike Yeadon, 16 years Vice President and Chief Science Officer at my pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is adopted that half or even “almost all” of the tests for COVID were false positive. Yeadon also argued that the herd immunity threshold is much lower and that it up to now far could have been achieved and has already been achieved in many countries.  (source)

COVID survival rate has now risen to 99,8%

The survival rate from COVID-19 has risen to 99,8% of infections since May. This is close to the common flu, with a survival rate of 99,9%. While COVID can have serious after-effects, the flu or another respiratory illness can also have serious consequences. (source)

Additional sources:

This is the statement and you will have to make do with it.

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