The parallels with the Second World War can no longer be counted on two hands, but drawing comparisons with WWII is still taboo in the Netherlands, in 2020.

But ignorant people about the history of slavery are allowed to shout anything and everyone with a different opinion is the extreme right or a Nazi.

The hysteria and criticism usually comes from people without any historical awareness. They increase collective outrage in the Netherlands by further encouraging group-thinkers to increase polarization in our country. Political correctness is deadly.


During the Second World War, the Dutch Railways deliberately allowed trains to run to the extermination camps and now in 2020 the trains DO NOT GO DELIVERY to the 'Demonstration against the ONGOING HOLOCAUST' in The Hague.

How is that a comparison?  Our freedom and our democracy depend on this. The most far-reaching law is about to be introduced in the Netherlands in recent centuries. Using our freedom is punished. Apart from that BOAs can just enter your house for a while. People who cannot handle power at all and should never get it.

Who is the NS to sabotage that? 

Again the side of the destruction of the Netherlands is taken.

We fought for centuries to build this country, our beautiful Netherlands. And a number of people want to take this away from us in a few months. And the NS is happy to cooperate with this.

Half of the Netherlands has no idea what is going on and what to expect, because people look no further than Nieuwsuur. This state propaganda reminds Dutch people of the real news. It is one-sided propaganda.

There too, a comparison can be made with a well-known German politician, one Goebbels. That everything has become more modern does not mean that we have all become more peaceful. These kinds of people are VERY wrong.

The blind faith in the government and everything Dutch is astonishing. Because it sounds so familiar. It is “just supposed to be”. That's how we have been made soft by the media and our politicians over the years.

We are in the middle of a battle that has nothing to do with the left against the right. Or with racism. We are in a battle between GOOD and EVIL. A battle that is reaching the pinnacle.





“Due to work activities near The Hague, the IC van Friday, June 19 through Sunday, 21 June not to and from The Hague ...
Conversely, the trains that usually arrive in The Hague run exceptionally to Amsterdam Central. Greetings from the NS ”


A demonstration is scheduled for Sunday, June 21. Suddenly, the NS does not allow trains to run due to work (on Sundays).

Some of the planned work this weekend:

President-director of the Dutch Railways, the Jewish Roger van Boxtel, alleged Zionist, and also former Ajax commissioner and D66 politician, proceeded to pay more than 2019 million euros in 40. reparations of the Dutch Railways to all relatives of Jewish victims of the Holocaust, of course at your expense.

But all kinds of non-Jewish victims, such as homophiles or Dutch resistance fighters, who were also taken away by the NS in 40-45, will not be paid a cent!

Roger van Boxtel

This man seems to be playing under one hat with Minister Hugo de Jonge.

These megalomaniac idiots ensure that the Netherlands drifts towards one madness never seen before in world history!

Satanist Hugo de Jonge is completely lost, he made 50 miljoen euro tax money to singer Lady Gaga who works with the Jewish artist Marina Abramovic!

Marina Abramovico does not track and is known for 'spirit cooking': a dinner for American politicians and celebs that consisted of blood, semen and breast milk ...

Intercepted conversations by Marina Abramovic about Spirit Cooking

WikiLeaks intercepted Abramovic's conversations

Spirit Cooking with Marina Abramovic:


Power can turn people into dangerous lusts for power with bizarre ideas that you as an ordinary person cannot reach.

Power-tripping de Jonge who has indicated he wants to become prime minister soon, wants to keep secret how much money he spent on buying vaccines from AstraZeneca.

AstraZeneca is part of the business empire of Marcus Wallenberg. In World War II, the Wallenberg family worked closely with Hitler.

AstraZeneca's criminal record is endless is long. For a long time.

This company can be described without exaggeration as “The Evil”!

  • 2003, pleaded guilty to illegal marketing of their prostate cancer drug and paid a $ 64.000.000 million fine, a $ 266.000.000 million civil lawsuit for false claims, and a $ 25.000.000 million fine for Medicaid fraud.
  • 2004, AstraZeneca was sued in California and Massachusetts for false advertising for alleging that one of their own off-patent medications was not as good as their new drug, although it turns out to be the same.
  • In 2010, AstraZeneca was fined $ 520.000.000 million for marketing one of the antipsychotic drugs illegal and unapproved for use and committing Medicaid fraud for an amount of $ 218.000.000 million
  • In 2002, AstraZeneca was forced to put more warning labels on their lung cancer drug after several patients died of pneumonia from their medications.
  • In 2003, the University of Illinois studied their drug against schizophrenia and discovered the undeclared risk of developing diabetes as a result of taking the drugs, ultimately leading to a $ 198.000.000 million settlement.
  • In 2004 AstraZeneca was criticized by public watchdog groups for the serious side effects of their Crestor drug compared to other cholesterol drugs, and in 2005 Tufts University completed a clinical study establishing the veracity of the claims made by the watchdog groups. This process is still ongoing 16 years later.
  • In 2001, AstraZeneca had to pay another $ 21.000.000 million for deliberately and deliberately trying to keep a competitive generic off the market.
  • In 2003, AstraZeneca was fined € 60.000.000 by the European Commission for abusing patent rules and lying on patents to protect its medicines from generic competitors.
  • In 2007, AstraZeneca had to pay a $ 12,9 million criminal sentence for fraud involving Medicaid and insurance companies for a prostate cancer drug.
  • In 2010, AstraZeneca paid $ 103.000.000 million to settle a federal lawsuit for Medicaid asthma drug fraud.
  • In 2009, AstraZeneca had to pay $ 2,6 million for Medicaid fraud.
  • 2004, AstraZeneca received a warning letter from the FDA for lying in their ads about FDA approval.

They are Satanic mass murderers. Both.

When will the light come on ?!

Meanwhile the blood is running from Hugo's eyes !!

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