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Karen Kingston (ex-Pfizer) warns of a murderous government with a morbid agenda.

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We have summarized the interview with Karen Kingston (ex-Pfizer) in Dutch.

It has been viewed nearly a million times on Rumble alone. It is therefore worth listening and reading, because what we are hearing now defies imagination. ALL regulations are grudgingly flouted.


To download? Just log in or register with an email address that you have access to (your name or pseudonym, that's entirely up to you). The download link appears below the video.


The gist of her story is that there really isn't any requirement to call this thing a "vaccine." Neither morally, nor legally, nor technically speaking. Immediately after the first tests on mice and pregnant rats, the whole thing had to go into the incinerator. Everything is ignored just to push through the injection, in every possible way. Through blackmail, threats, apartheid and terror. By governments. Apparently he wants us DEAD. What are those folks thinking?

Forum for Democracy asks questions about the Pfizer Leaks. Rightly so, because nobody knows what “we” have signed up for. If that corresponds to what a corrupt and now fired and arrested Brazilian minister has signed up for, then the Binnenhof can be cleared. And then as far as the “vaccine” is concerned, the legally prescribed rules must first be met, which means that everything has to be stopped.

As of today, we can stop talking about an “experimental vaccine” with temporary emergency approval against a deadly A-list disease called COVID-19, caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2. It is not an experiment, it is a direct act of war without a declaration of war. Not just a psychological war, but also a physical disability terror. The intended final shot is to link the human brain to an infrastructure.
As of today, we can also stop discussing pandemics, viruses, lockdowns, PCR testing and vaccinations.
It is not a vaccination and it is not a vaccine.
It is a 2015 patented poison injection.
A KILL SHOT, a silent killer, that's what it is. The evidence is piling up.

The conclusion is therefore simple:

Your “elected government” wants you DEAD. Point.

Download the PDF document and forward it as much as possible. It must be known as soon as possible what the people are injected with. With a material that is 4.000 times stronger than titanium, withstands a temperature of more than 1.000 degrees, can be electrically charged remotely, and destroy EVERYTHING it comes into contact with. In this case, our body cells and our nervous system. This injection has nothing to do with a "virus" or a "deadly disease". And all with a morbid agenda.


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