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Key figures in Merkel's CDU want more migrants

Despite the political ramifications and social chaos brought about by the migrant crisis of 2015, many from Merkel's party feel that Germany should accept more immigrants. (source)

The fact that more than 2014 crimes were committed by migrants on the German population between 2018 and 800.000 should not spoil the fun.

Angela Merkel defends 800.000 migrant crimes against German people

The prime minister of Schleswig-Holstein David Gunther (CDU) says Germany should accept minor migrants. (source)

Merkel also reported earlier that she is willing to help the minors. Up to 18 years old. Not just the little kids.

Suicide! From all the figures, we know that the majority of migrant crimes are committed by minors. (source)

"The situation at the borders between Turkey and Greece has deteriorated since the weekend."

“In the past, Schleswig-Holstein has already shown a willingness to help these people and participate in quota solutions that the German government must negotiate with other member states. We must set the example here. ” (source)

Armin Laschet, who is on the list to become the new leader of the CDU, even thinks that Angela Merkel acted excellently in 2015, despite the daily attacks, murders, stabbings, bomb attacks, Christmas market attacks, 800.000 additional criminals, woman with child for the thrown train, woman with samurai sword killed, etcetera.

Just use the search function on our website and enter Germany to get an idea of ​​what an “enrichment” these people are for Germany.

And those are just events of the past few months. This website has been around for less than half a year and it is also just a selection of the death and destruction that these immigrants caused in the past 5 months alone.

But the likely new leader of the CDU sees it differently:

“I think it was good. And Markus Söder and the CSU and Horst Seehofer feel the same way. ”, he reported to bolster his own idiotic mindset.

Seehofer is the German Minister of the Interior.

Dangerous people who are exterminating the Germans little by little. The population policy has ensured that more than a quarter of the German population now has a non-Western background. Illegal not included.

This will soon increase to 35%. (source)

But the word revocation is forbidden. Can even give you a prison sentence. (source) So we have to invent another word for replacing the own population that is going on at the moment.

How dangerous Seehofer is, is clear from the fact that he is prepared to take 1 in 4 migrants from North Africa to the Greek borders in Germany. (source) (source)

These are people from Christian conservative parties. Seehofer calls himself a conservative minister. Where this twist comes from is unknown. Seehofer was known for his critical attitude towards immigration, but he too now seems to be playing the game of the globalists.

Horst Seehofer (CSU)

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